Not connected...

I’m looking at the computer screen reading ‘posts’ BUT my brain is so tired it’s not connected? It’s like a fog or cloud of cotton wool (not that unpleasant) and I’m awake but sort of unconnected?

I wish team GB all the very besttake care, M

Hi M, one of those days eh? Probably still suffering the effects of the heat wave. Take it easy hon. Have a good rest.

I also wish team GB all the best… and fingers crossed that the opening ceremony goes without a hitch tonight (as somebody wrote on everyday living the other day… don’t tell Atos that I can cross my fingers…LOL!)

Take care to you and all the gang,

I’ll be watching the ceremony with my little community down in our lounge… but as most of them go to bed around 9pm I’ll probably end up on m’ todd! That’s what comes from being the youngest person in a sheltered scheme…

Love Pat xx

How wonderful and how proud of Great Britain am I? I was with you in spirit PatCaught everything on fast forward this morning, may I savour that phrase ‘I was on fast forward’!M

Was fabulous wasn’t it. MUCH better than I expected. Very moving in some parts and I thought two fingers up to Cameron and his cronies with wonderful celebration of our NHS.

Loved every minute and was very proud.

Glad you caught it M on fast forward… fast forward… yeah will savour it too

Got monthly MS group tomorrow and determined to go!!! Scooter is charging. Wish I could plug myself in and get same effect!!!

Have a good one,

Pat x