Not a lot.......

Hi everyone, just realised there’s not a lot of chat on this board.

Merry Christmas all, I hope you are warm, safe and well. Wishing everyone a better 2021. I don’t have much more to say but M x

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Happy 2021 everyone.

Jan x

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Hi all who gave posted.

I think it is a shame people dont post on here anymore. Everyone seems to use Everyday. I think it is a shame cos we have problems specific to our kind of MS. Shane really.

Hope you are all doing ok?


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Hello, I think people are understandably, peed off in general.

I tend to look at EL more than other boards.

I like reading the Carers board, even though I am a caree.

I think carers are just so special.

I wonder if this board is less used cos PPMS tends to stay the same.


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I’m with you Anne, it’s almost as if we have lost our ‘mojo’ ! I had to add ‘mojo’ to the dictionary gang is back. M x

Hi to anyone reading.

The PPMS is relentless, but I’m still scraping snow off my car & getting to the shops.

It’s stew for tea tonight. I’ve ditched exercising because I’ve been so busy doing stuff.

I may zippy tie some tennis rachets to my feet. It says it’s -1c outside here in Staffordshire.

My best regards to all. Terry

Yep; I used to come on here years ago, but it felt a bit too niche then, even more so now. And, yes, it’s nice to have a rant every now and then, although having post-after-post of ‘oh woe is me’ can leave one feeling slightly deflated.

And the rrms majority on the the everyday living board do irk me with their 'I was fit as a fiddle for months and then all of I sudden I had blurry vision, so now worried about my triathalon training", etc. etc.Grrrrrr!!

May I make the polite suggestion that we make this forum a bit more lighthearted, with a focus on humour, wit and big world events…we can all watch the news, follow comedy shows and have a laugh, surely…?

Stay safe all, trust you are all hanging in there.

Best, CP

Ok CP…here`s some upbeat news…I have engaged a new agency and they start on Saturday. Onwards and upwards and they will be taking me out…where shall I go? Hobbycraft in Leeds? Maybe!


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Hi Bouds

I’m waiting till it’s legal to go to a crowded pub, have a hug with a stranger whilst singing something…until then I’ll be seing if there’s anything I can contribute to Pseuds corner in Private Eye - am applying for lots of management jobs in the public sector, so have lots of material to consider.


We are not only a happy bunch we are getting on with our lives :slight_smile: Any others looking in for a quick visit we DO NOT despair we get on with life.

M x


Great news!! hope it turns out ok for you this time. x

Happy New Year to the coolest group ever! M x

Happy new year M

As folks keep saying, it can’t be worse. Live the life you have, eat healthy & exercise. Ignore what some do & enjoy your days in the best way you can. Keeping active & being around those that count. I live alone & party with my skelington.

Terry is off to Tesco. Things to do before this year is over too.

Sorry I missed your post M… as you will see from my post I’ve had a hard few weeks.

Hope all is well with you … sending my love and hugs,

Pat xxx

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Hiya, methinks, and I will be shot down again for this but, we have progressive in our lives, 24 hrs 7 days a week 365 days a year, some have it worse than others, so do we really need to hear others doom and gloom, we may never see a soul for XXX time, especially in today’s lockdowns, we want to hear uplifting news, funny news, any bloody news bar our MS symptoms, Brian

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Corrie/Brian. The Everyday forum is the popular one. Lots more traffic and activity. You just never know what you might come across on there!

I am actually very positive about my PPMS, I am doing everything I can and sometimes doing things that a sensible female of a certain age should know better than to attempt! I even occasionally have fun and joy in my life, we can’t ban ‘doom and gloom’ but there is hope.

I think we are a gang and I’ve been saying that for as long as I can remember. M x

I thought I loved snow! Not any more I have had enough of it 4 inches fell last night. For younger folks 10cms. Keep safe guys, M x

Happy 2021 everyone tipping down with rain here x x x Don

Hello everyone! I’m a newbie here although my PPMS was diagnosed in 2019. More gloom and doom, sorry… I should have joined this board much earlier but I was in the throes of dealing with my constantly deteriorating symptoms. :(.