Morning everyone​​☺ has anyone been prescribed Nortriptyline? I believe it’s rather like Amitriptyline, which I had an awful time with, so very wary!!! Be very grateful if anyone can tell me how they got on with it. Don’t like the sound of spinal cord stimulation, which is the other alternative! Thanks Tracey x

I was prescribed nortriptyline after I first tried Amitriptyline and was getting a morning after side effect. I was told (by my GP) that it did the same thing as Ami but with less side effects. I certainly didn’t get side effects with it, but a while later I was told by a rehabilitation specialist neurologist (who has always been brilliant at drugs advice) that it doesn’t do the same thing at all and for nerve pain Amitriptyline is far better. I tried Amitriptyline again and found that within a short while I didn’t get the morning after feeling and it worked better on controlling the burning type nerve pain.

I would suggest you give it a go but if it doesn’t help with the symptom it’s been prescribed for, then try something different.