Non Diagnosis and Managing Symptoms

So I would like to ask anyone thats not yet diagnosed, what are your symptoms and how do you deal with them?

So for as long as i can remember, i have always had a few problems with muscle pain and spasms, which most of us (including myself) but down to other things/reasons.

In the last few months my pain has been on a daily basis, which ranges from blurred vision, unbalanced, leg spasms (mainly at night), dead arms, tingling in my hands and feet, migraines (never had them before) at least once or twice a week, extreme tiredness, body aches, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, sore gums, loss of sex drive, memory and thinking problems, which makes me drift into space where my mind is in a total fog. I have also noticed just recently that my eyes are starting to become sore and bloodshot. All these symptoms come and go, but i suffer with a few each day.

I have had an eyetest which the results were absolutely fine and no issues. Blood Tests came back fine, told me no further action needed! So today I have rang my GP to discuss further and see about getting further tests.

By everything going on, it tells me it must be nerve related and MS could be likely. i have always been fit and well and ALWAYS on the go. I have 2 sons, i work full time and own a horse and dog.

I do have good days and i can be quite productive in my normal daily routine. On my bad days, i will struggle to even get one of my daily tasks done, which could be as little as getting out of bed or to get dressed.

I have tried Naproxen at night and have the ocassional bath with WestLab Epsom bath salts (with added CBD Oil) which i will say helped me sleep alot better.

Hi Sammy

Keep a diary of your symptoms even ones that happened years ago.

Then when you see a doctor you can base your discussion on that.

Hope your GP can help.

Carole x

I have not been diagnosed yet and will be seeing a doctor later today.My main symptoms are muscle twitches I do have some stomach and back pain but have always this type of stomach pain so not sure if it is a symptom of MS.I also do a lot of running and I do get a reaction from that.I do not have any of the current common symptoms ie Sight,Tremor’s,Walking and Gait problems.I deal with it by just carrying on as normally as I can.I had my eye test last month and there were no problems detected although I had had no MS symptoms then.I have had two blood tests which were fine although I believe MS will not show up in a blood test.I hope this helps and good luck

inflammation shows up on blood tests which should make your doctor aware of something needing further investigation.

Mine started with sudden numbness from my waist down. I couldnt feel anything at all. My slippers or shoes would fall of my feet and I wouldnt even know. I had horrible constant pins and needles which has never went away. the numbness took 6 months to go. I had shocks down my spine when I bent over like a nerve had been pinched. Last month I suddenly felt sick and could no longer see straight or hold my balance. Since then iv relied on anti sickness tablets to get out of bed. I feel permently drunk and I have double vision. Its taken me almost a year off bloods whoch all came back fine. An MRI which showed various inflammation and lesions but now awaiting lumbar puncture before they will offer treatment. Persevere and keep going back until they help you find answers!