Ms symptoms?

Hi folks!


I'm new here, so firstly hello to you all.


I found this site because basically I've been having certain symptoms for the last ten-odd years now that I cant explain, and that are steadily getting worse, and I am concerned I may have MS.  I haven't spoken to doctors about it because the symptoms seem to come and go.  I can go weeks/months without feeling bad, and then I suddenly go downhill again.  My primary symptoms are muscle spasms (mostly in my limbs - some of the muscles literally go hard as stone); leg cramps; tiredness (where I could just fall asleep on the spot) but also - strangely - unability to ever have a decent night's sleep; weak bladder - I used to go a few times a day, but now sometimes it's 20-odd (and I never feel like I've finished); blurring of vision when reading; and severe mood swings.


I apologise that I've just introduced myself and then suddenely listed all my symptoms, but I have just had enough lately and I don't know what to do.


Cheers everybody.



hello, glad you found us.

I would say definately worth going to see your GP and letting them know what's going on, if not you will only worry about it. They may refer you to a neuro who will do tests and give you some idea as to whats causing your symptoms.

Good luck

Thanks for your reply Sheena. Will sort out an appointment.



Hi Paul, and welcome to the site happy2


While your symptoms are consistent with MS, they are also consistent with a whole load of other things too, some as simple to fix as a vitamin deficiency. So, you definitely have to bite the bullet and get yourself off to the GPs. Just think - a couple of blood tests, and all of that might stop!


Karen x

Cheers Karen. I have tried various vitamin supplements over the years, and my diet is varied, etc. I am only more concerned lately because the symptoms feel more severe and are lasting longer. Tbh, alot of it is frustration and male pride with me as when these symptoms come on I feel totally physically weak (takes me up to half an hour to screw in a nail, etc. as my arms don’t seem to have any power and stiffen up). Anyway, won’t go on, but it has just dragged me down recently I suppose.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, and I shall brave the doctors soon (cant stand most of 'em as the majority I have met are so dismissive, arrogant and snobby!).



one suggestion everyone makes on this site is that when you go to the GP take a list of your symptoms and the dates when they happened, how long they lasted etc. just so that they have a better picture of what is happenning. Makes the appointment more focussed as well rather than a general discussion. trying to get a doctors appointment is always a bit of a mission though these days so it just makes sure that the time is used well, saves you coming away feeling frustrated.