Noises in my head

Hi everyone has anyone got this. A few times I have been sitting quiet and thought I could hear rain and I was surprised when I looked out and there was no rain! I have noticed at odd times that I have been hearing noises in my head and I have just realised that it is now all the time. Please let me say that I so not hear ‘voices or anything sinister telling me things’ it is more just sort of like the sounds a fridge/freezer makes. This is now sort of anoying me as I so like to sit quiet sometimes. Can anyone advise what I can do about this.

Hi Sally

My hearing seems to be over sensitive at times too and every noise is amplified. It drives me mad. I’m tempted to buy ear plugs. I have to go to my room where it’s quiet or listen to an e book or music through head phones. Any other advice would be appreciated. It seems to happen a lot in the supermarket but also at night I can hear every sound.

I have not mentioned it ti my gp I think with all my other ailments he might think I am just losing my marbles.

Hi Sally

It could be tinnitus. I had a few episodes which were like a static humming or like sound was coming from down a tunnel. It’s definitely not in your head.



Thanks for the replies, I have been sitting quiet this afternoon and the noises have not stopped at all.

Sounds like tinnitus (no pun intended!). I have it in both ears thanks to MS. You do get used to it, but it can be frustrating, especially early on. Don’t try to drown it out - best thing is to try to accept that this is what silence now sounds like. There are several different causes of tinnitus though so please see your GP. It could be something as simple as wax build up that is causing it - and that’s usually easy to fix. Karen x

Thanks Karen but a couple of months ago I had what I recognised as tinitus and as it was just in one ear I saw ENT and had a brain MRI. The noise has now changed and I did not know that it could still be tinitus but you are probably right I will just have to accept that this is ‘what silence sounds like now’ I think though maybe I will not tell many people about it. I sound crazy to me!

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve been keeping what I can only described as a cross between a hiss an a buzz noise in my head. I work in a noisy environment with fork lift trucks an vna vehicles an radio is above the machine noise At work I didn’t hear noise in my head, only when finished work in eve But since being signed off from work I hear it all the time like air escaping from a puncture in a tyre! It’s not load though an it’s driving me mad an doesn’t stop me from sleeping. Cud just be noise at work has done something to my ears but I can still hear clearly at home an outside.

This also sounds like tinnitus. However if the noise levels at work are above certain limits you should have ear protectors.

Does sound like tinnitus. I get it in my left ear. For me, it seems to be a reaction to taking st johns wort and/or vitamin B12.

It can be really annoying, however the st johns wort ups my mood, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

Hope it gets better for you.


I have hearing loss and normally wear 2 digital hearing aids, currently awaiting to see neurologist as rheumatologist suspects I have MS…I have hissing in both ears and a whooshing noise when I get up or sit down or walk, its affecting my balance.

Thank you so much for the replies.

I have constant noise in my head, day and night. Please can anyone help me?

Hi Carol,

Is it like a ringing, roaring, buzzing, hissing, or whistling sound in your ears?



It is a constant buzzing in my head and gP says it is not tinitis

Anthony It never ceases. Rest used to help but not anymore. If i wake in the night it is there. Carol

have you tried wearing a small headset attached to soft music?


Not being funny but the noise never goes, day or night. Music might distract me but I really need a reason for the noise.

I found this site by googling ‘noises in my head’ but MS does not seem to match my problem.

Thanks, Carol