Getting closer and ringing noise.

Getting Closer

Not long to go now and my follow up neuro appointment has not as yet been cancelled like he did last month.

He was very dismissive the first time I saw him, so it will be interesting to see what interpretation he puts on the lesions that showed up on my MRI…… we will see.

Just off to see audiologist to see if the ‘ringing’ is in my ears or actually in my head. If anyone has this experience, I would love you to share.


Hi zippy, I get tinnitus too, had it for a couple of years, sometimes worse than others, did just put it down to one of those things, however, am going to mention it to my neuro next week as I have since read it could be related to ms. Am not dx but hopefully someone who is will be able to help you more. C

Well, I have just got back from the hearing test and as I suspected, my hearing is perfect. I wanted to eliminate the ears as it were before I see the neuro next week. I know that frontal lobe and temporal lobe lesions (which is where mine are) can cause auditory hallucinations, which I guess is what is happening as there is no ‘real’ noise there. I am not going to hold my breath as he was very dismissive of everything the first time we met.

Kind of hoping now that he has an MRI with lesions that he may be a bit more ‘human’, but I won’t hold my breath.


Whens your appointment? Hope he listens this time. Dreading my appointment on Monday. Let us know what happens hun, c

Original one was 11th September, he cancelled that to have a ‘study day’. Rescheduled for 9th October (so far).

Will let you know how it goes. x

Fingers crossed for you. This limbo thing horrible isn’t it, monday is my 1st neuro appointment, know I’ll either get the brush off off or sent for more tests, but no dx, affecting my job & everything. Hope it goes better than last time. C

Thank you. Hope your first time is a better experience than mine. Very unpleasant man.

Hi zippy, been to see neuro x 2, then got to see ms nurse. Had no problems they were lovely, Bad news is I have MS, no more tests!! This was unexpected (the tests that is) guess the evidence was overwhelming, saw my scans for the first time & have at least 9 lesions, all on brain apart from 1 on spine, as neuro going through list I gave he kept referring to the scans (to see if lesions were in that place?). Have active RRMS, Relieved I know for definite what it is. Really hope you get somewhere with your appointment, take care C

Hi Cherrylips,

Commisulations on your diagnosis. At least you know your enemy now. Hope you are OK,

Leah :slight_smile:

Am fine at the moment, I’ve just been waiting for a year for the medical profession to catch up, was not unexpected. If bloods tests ok will be starting on dmds soon. Thanks for you thoughts.

Hi Cherrylips,

Sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you.


Thanks zippy, I’m just one of those people who bounces back quickly. Will have my moments I’m sure, but will stand up to date this horrible disease as best I can. Will be the thinking of you on thursday, let us know what happens, hope you get help & answers. C