No strength to hold a cup of coffee.

My left side is still pretty useless, but the right isn’t doing to good either.

I told my brother I couldn’t carry my coffee & drink it. His reply was, yes but you’ve agreed to take me to buy a car & we all have these problems. He had to go to work & has just had to pay £800 to repair his car, that was written off the next day. When I stated it seemed odd, he took a car for a service & the engine blew up the next day, I was bombarded with stupid insults, even after I had agreed to help. I give up…

I dare not ask others for help, when I struggle, because it’s an endless payback system.

I’ve brought a trolley with wheels now. Problem solved!

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Oh that’s such a shame Terry, I think it’s a lack of appreciation. I don’t know how he can compare his situation to yours , you are living with a chronic illness . I think it’s sad over his car but it’s not fair of him to take it out on you. I hope he apologises. I couldn’t cope without my sister she comes every two weeks and stays over. I pay her with my direct payments but she does far more than I could ever pay her for. She always tells me that she loves me it’s so nice . Don’t let it get to youTerry hopefully he will feel guilty and tell you he’s sorry. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hell will freeze over first. I hadn’t spoken to him for 15 years, because of his attitude when I lost my farther. My family did nothing but push me away, until they got what they wanted. Getting diagnosed with PPMS was a sign for the vultures to start circling me & they love telling me what to eat, wear & do. Control freaks!

I’ve been concerned, because it’s not a good sign. The thought of not even being able to hold a cup of coffee.

Saying what my problems are to them, seems like compare the illness .com

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I am spitting bricks for you, I know some people don’t like or understand people’s illnesses and only think of them selfs, I can understand why you haven’t spoken to him for awhile. I’m not a huggy person, giving you hugs


Hi Terry Sorry to hear your brothers attitude towards you it must be very depressing for you. Try to think of it as ignorance and let it wash over you…until the next timme he wants you to do him a favour…and then remember it. Take care and the trolley on wheels sounds a good idea. Pam x

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Obviously a trolley is better company than your brother. My trolley used to be so good but then I went off it. Stevde

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Terry I am so angry on your behalf. What an unpleasant person. I too am not surprised you didn’t have contact for so many years. I think everyone has had a selfish person like that in their lives at some point but I for one must admit that my life is so much richer without them. It’s hard though when it’s close family, I feel for you. Those wheeled trolleys are fab aren’t they? I found one in a charity shop and they had a policy of giving medical equipment away free if you had a medical condition. It still had the plastic covers on the wheels. My dad used it until he went off his legs and then gave it to me. It had got a few bumps where dad crashed it but on a good day I painted it blue and white and I love it. Much better than family! I hope he apologises when you see him next! Cath x

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It’s a love, hate relationship Steve. Me & the trolley don’t get on sometimes. It all depends on the jerky spasms & if there’s anything in the way. The mole hill becomes a mountain in no time. I’ve been considering a 20ft long straw. By the time it reached my throat, a hot drink can cool. Even writing like this, is a way to get me sectioned. I dare not even joke sometimes. I don’t have a cheque book any more. My so called helpers will start carrying card readers soon. Not that anyone ever helps. They like asking where I stash my cash. They’ve checked under my mattress.

None of them apologise. They’ve started picking fault with everything just lately. I will be disowning the lot of them soon. I can’t explain why I have to bite my lips, but my future depends on it & they know it.

Since trying to kill myself, I had to sign something, so they didn’t put me into care.

To all the genuine helpers out there, thanks for caring.

I’ve written my will recently & they will not like it at all.

Good for you Terry. Do what my step grandma did to her kids who didn’t treat her right at all - cash in your funeral/life insurance policies, buy yourself something nice (a laptop in her case) and run up debts to the chocolate tasting club and Mills and Boon, or something you like that’ll cause them to grind their teeth right down, the sillier the better.

My grandma’s last year’s were full of frustration as we weren’t related by blood but her kids were alive and trying to get their support was met with rudeness, irritation and anger and I was told to just get on with looking after her, the vultures that descended after her death were fit to be tied. I was unaware of what she’d done but I cheered for her after her death when they ‘approached’ me about it.


You know the drill Cath. I’ve lived alone for 18 years & taken up some great hobbies. I sculpt, do stencil art with spray cans, tinker in my sound studio, collect awesome stuff & tour charity shops daily. Then come home to cook insanely tasty fodder, watching DVD’s & playing online Scrabble.

The health issues are never what some folks see or even care about. It is all financial gain & they will get nothing.

MS is treating me wicked. It pleases them, but I’m enjoying myself & so should you all. Ditch the free loaders!

Terry just ate a super charged omelette & drinking Iodine in water, with Apple Cider Vinegar capsules as chasers.

That’s great Terry. I too have lots of hobbies including sprucing up tired old furniture, knitting and reading. My main love is sewing and I’ve currently been recruited by my daughter’s church to make costumes for the live nativity at Christmas. I don’t know where I’d be without them. But it’s nice to veg out and watch tv come evening. I used to love scrabble when it was all about using proper words but now it’s all about the shortest words with maximum points and leaving no letters open for your opponent. I don’t know 90% of the words they put down now. How times change. Take care Cath

Keeping the noodle active & enjoying life, is far better than listening to whining muppets. Their self inflicted problems are all that count to them & we didn’t choose PPMS. It found us, because we are awesome. Do your thing & keep eating healthish fodder. We have to have some tasty treats. They wouldn’t sell things that are bad for us, would they? It’s not all about money!