No mute button! ( not MS related)

Trying to watch and listen to the tv, when my daughter decides to have music belting out on the laptop.I politely (honest) ask her to ‘refrain’ from playing the music so loud, and either grab her ear plugs or take herself AND the laptop off upstairs ‘simples’. She opts for the ear plugs, fair enough…so now Shakira is muted but still can’t hear the TV now due to my Daughters singing!

Sorry, that made me laugh! I hope you get to enjoy a repeat of the TV programme some time when daughter is not around!

just join in with the singing, badly

Is it sing along music? My daughter loves punk/ rock…don’t even know what it’s called and it’s very shouty :s at least back in the day everyone could sing to mine (Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys) :smiley:

…errrm …there IS a ‘mute’ function on every laptop. It’s normally a key with a picture of a speaker with a line through it …and typically needs to be pressed in combination with the ‘Fn’ key - usually to the left of the space-bar (…how anal am I ??)



but where is the one on the child?!

i say behind the left ear…


LOL, chocorange …very good question


A mute button or being able to remove the Duracell buttons would be good. I’m being turned into a walking encyclopedia of sharks and dinosaurs which leads to sizes having to be put into 5 year olds perspective which leads to where in the world are they which leads to conversation about towns , city’s, countries etc I’d quite like bad singing every now and then

Hi Dom I meant no mute button for my singing child, albeit an out of tune child, mind you she seemed to have the track on repeat and managed to be consistently out of tune,must get that gift from me ;). (also our laptop has several keys missing since one of my dogs was a pup, long story) and no he didn’t poop or trump out the alphabet! Will look behind the left ear ChocOrange or buy a gag ( no child will be hurt during this process of ear muting or gagging) I’ll do you a swap Emfraser’B :slight_smile: Twitching and buzzing keeping me awake tonight GRrrr no mute button for that either!!(keep the comments clean to this one please) Michelle x :wink:

Hope you got to sleep Michelle Good job we love then eh? The convo changed tonight he wanted to know when I’ll get a new bf. why did I finish with my old bf (my son has started playing golf with an old bf son (I’d dated him for 3 1/2 years since I was 16 and we stay in a small town lol) and he wanted to know how I knew him Then I got asked why I split up with my husband and when would I get a new bf. he’s like u need to find someone mum I can’t always be the man of the house. The convo went on to why do dogs lick their willys it’s gross lol My brain was exhausted when I went to bed lol X

PMSL to the dog part! Em…where does their imagination come from?bless him and poor you having to come up with all the answers it’s hard dealing with everything on our own :slight_smile: