its not always ms that is to blame

i know i shouldnt blame everything on ms but this time i blamed new technology and cd players.

i need to practice my meditation and the mindfulness course gave me 3 cds

so because i do it in bed i needed a cd player - bought a cheap walkman - no joy

so i bought i tiny boombox thingy - no joy either

my son found my mp3 from years ago (when i was technologically competent) and put the cds on it BUT i cant find the cd i want on it.

so today i was almost in tears of frustration and told him that nothing was working

he showed me the on/off button on the boombox (how did i miss that one!!)

he also showed me how the other two work.

a bit (lot) sheepish i said it was the ms that was to blame. he told me it was a generational thing!!!

how rude! but he said at least i accepted help when it was offered - not like dad!

so its just old age (54)

bless him, i love my personal tech support!

carole x


You’re not alone. My mum - admittedly a bit older than you - heard unexplained “music” in the house the other day, and couldn’t work out what it was. Turned out it was her mobile phone ringing; she’d never heard it ring before, so didn’t know what it sounded like!

It was only my brother ringing, because she’d mentioned having problems with her landline, so he sensibly thought he’d avoid that, and ring her mobile instead - never thinking she wouldn’t know what it was.



hmm its good to know i’m not the only one but now i’m only ok if grouped in an even older generation!!!

best wishes to your mum - these new fangled phones just mess with our heads!

speaking of which, i had an upgrade to a samsung galaxy 6 months ago and i still cant work the blasted thing.

so i’ll just relax into old age and pester the younger generation on a daily basis!!!

what the heck will i do when they leave home? he’ll have to get somewhere with a granny flat!

carole x