No idea

Hi I’m new here and need advice I have so many symptoms starting from my head to my toes so sorry for the long text if I can remember my memory is really rubbish as well I keep getting tender points on my head mainly at the front above my hairline and when I touch them I sometimes get Sharpe pains in my temples. I start with a prickly feeling on my scalp which turn out to be blisters .I get a burning sensation from above my eyebrows to below my cheekbones which goes bright red .my left eye pupil feels weird like there’s something over it jaw pin and feels like lock jaw when I’m asleep it wakes me up back of neck pain absolute agony left elbow locks burning sensation hardly any movement really painful fingers on both hand lock really scary when that happens feelings of tightness around my middle back and ribs under breasts bottom of my back really painful which goes to the top of my hip and groin area and can’t put my foot to the floor groin pain on both sides were I feel I’m having to drag both my legs I can’t stand heat cold noise toes lock like cramp when my feet are cold hands go blue and white when cold burning sensation hands and feet burn marks on arms and legs if out in sun too long my head legs feet groin and arms vibrate I have chronic thrombosis of the right internal jugular vein most of these symptoms come and go and sometimes I feel I can’t cope anymore I’m sick of trying to chase up GPS and hospital aren’t doing anything to help me either I had a MRI with contrast that’s how I found out about the thrombosis apart from that IV heard nothing from them so I’m seeing if anyone can help on here I’m so sorry for the long text

Hi Colleen, first thing sweetheart is can I ask you to type in smaller blocks or short paragraphs, as I and others have difficulty read large blocks of text? Thankyou x

There’s a lot going on for you I know. And it doesnt help when docs are coming up useless.

The thrombosis and some other symptoms arent typical MS. Not sure what to advise love.
Is there a different GP you could see?