No family support /child proctection

Hello ,

Our son has had medical problems and has refused school because of his ASD and his anxiety and his bowel problems. School was informed he has medical problems and a request for home tuiton was made and he is now receiving this. The school in retaliation (cannot go into details) contacted the social services who because of my ms have made a case for protection (possibly neglect ,yet he is fed, and is under the care from GOSH great ormond street),he has ASD so will not enjoy contact from strangers and he would like a smaller school to go to, in order to avoid paying out for a smaller special school they (LEA) are trying to prove its our fault he has ASD and that my MS is the reason for our sons behaviour . He (social twat, ) views that because there is not much family contact, (we cannot help discrimination from family ie don’t want to come to support groups or get involved) thinks this justifies a child being on protection. Has anyone experienced this where they have protection procedures put in place where someone has a disability, can i get any legal protection ?

I can’t give much advice regarding this, however I do not understand how they can blame you for your son having ASD and his behaviour? This is not I believe something you develop from what they are interpreting as poor parenting and a long term medical condition (and I am not saying that it is bad parenting) ASD unfortunately is something a child is born with. Bad behaviour in some children can be interpreted as this but surely with the right medical help this diagnosis would not come about because from what I know of ASD it is not a learnt behaviour it is an illness. I’m sorry I could not be of any help but my only advice is maybe seek some support via citizens advice, an advocat or even a second opinion I.e from another social worker! As long as you are a good genuine parent and there are no indications of neglect I cannot see how they can place him on a protection order! Good luck hun x

Try contacting the MS helpline. Number on this site. They can offer legal advice and even a free call from a solicitor/lawyer. Think carefully if they are discriminating against you because of your disability. If they have no other grounds for concern then that can also be raised. Good luck.