No diagnoses on MS but all the symptoms over 2 half years

i have had many mri scans of the brain and one of the spine 2 month ago but since then i have devleoped whats known as ms hug and trouble swollowing pains in ears head neck spine lwoer back im really worried as my doctor thinks its in my head and i have been given no diagnoses or treatment im quite scared tbh im looking to book a private neurologists im afraid incase my symptoms get worse by then they dont seem to be going away atall its only been 2 days but i had a major attack and lossed feeling in my leg then it came back in 2 hours what should i do i hope this is not advanced stages already? this scared me iwent to a and e in UK they told me to go home and put it down to bad back this is really bad they woudlent even look at me im really annoyed with this gps and hospitals dont seem qualified for this so il wait for neurologists when that will be remains to be seen in UK likely 2 years i dont know what to do because my eyes getting bit worse my eyes have been dim for 2 years

my nueorological problems memory forgetting keys are so bad now

finally my bowels dont emp[ty propely meaning number 1s and i malways going toilet now and i dont have diebetes

also to note my bottom spine pain is not gonig away atall but its not been that long yet only few day that attack when my leg gave way absolutly frightened me ive been going optomoligsts who say the ycouldent find anything wrong with eyes although my eyes are bad now i can hardly see words and they move visionis really dim my hearing has gone bad to and cramps in feet legs arms shooting pain spine shooying psaiNS BEHIND EYES

Ask for a lumbar puncture. It may show up changes in the cerebro spinal fluid which can indicate a likelihood of MS. There are types of low-inflammation MS which can evade the standard MRI scans - they have been referred to as Smouldering MS where symptoms continue to get worse yet without the normal indicators. For more info, look up Professor Gavin Giovannoni - an eminent MS researcher.

thank yo uso much for this

ive also been asking for lumbar puncture in uk for over a year and said no im hoping this private neurologists will issue one

In my experience neurologists dont like being told what to do.Say you are concerned you have MS and see what he suggests .Also from you prevuious postings you seem to be clutching at any symptons and trying to convince yourself of a diagnosis .Try and stay calm and stay away from google and forums for a few days.Try medidation ,anything to take your mind off things

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Hi, ive had losts of varying symptoms and booked a private neurologist, i was delighted with him, he made me feel very listened too, which my other doctors weren’t. I had brain and neck scans that were both clear so back to square one but i do understand how scary and frustrating it can be living with symptoms and having no idea whats going on, Try not to google things and just take each day as it comes. Sending you big hugs x

im not really convicing my self im just trying ot find answers

basd news today my doctors comepltly messd up the refferel to one of the best doctors in UK neurolgogists should i say im so annoyed because my back is killing i cannot swallow propely and i cant go toilet propely this si riduclous losing my ehart in the WHOLE SYSTEM ITS UTTERLESS TRASH

THANKS PATCH ill try my best so scared

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its not that i needed this nurologists at the very least someone has messed something up a doctor isent gonig to diagnosed this i know that 1`00 percvent THEY NEED TO GET THERE out of there a**** already had an attack its just going to be too late to do anything because these decotors are the worse in uk all i want si a neuorligists i wa spaying for it as well!!!

I hope you get some answers soon, it can be completely draining xx

oh my god not halfed i dont knwo what to do because A docctor wil lsomehow make it my fault or say stop being anxious thats what they always say then where do yo ugo from there i cant get enurologists because fo there incompetence and i want topay i bloody hate it

back is killing im burning up my eyes r dimmed cant type propely cant speak propely stomach feels tight cant wee propely foot cramps legs cramps i feel liek a volcano

arms legs everywhere hate it worse things is i cant even get neuorolgists

i seen the first one you put :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

wh yrepeat i got it thank you all best to you to

new update on this still waiting for second opinion on neurologist having arguments with doctors is infuriating and fustrating especially whe nthe ysee you as hypercondriac. i keep calm now all time but pain in lower back is 24 7 now i have spots i nvbision and cobwebs new symptoms and also pain in wrists new symptoms other week ihad severe feever severe ehadache whcih is ver yunusual as i never get headaches. this is concerning but also im learning . i have booked private neurologists dreading the costs and i probably wont have enough monety but i am desperate im getting shooting pains top of back in neck feels liek someone is pushing me to the ground it is is horrrible CANNOT SLEEP NO MORE withoutr sleeping tablets