Does anyone know how Nina is doing please? Hope her treatment has finished and she’s doing ok.

Pam x

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Anyone know please?

Pam x

she`s put a blog on el baord. I couldnt open it, but think it might be fixed now.


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Thanks Poll I will have a look.

Pam. X

i was wondering the same Pam,i hope shes ok. J x

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Hi Pam, It’s so sweet of you to remember! I haven’t put a blog anywhere so I think that is probably Sonia ( nindancer) I’ve finished my treatment, my goodness it was a struggle, but the six weeks of radio therapy was actually worse than the chemo, I was fully expecting to have far more side effects from the chemo but the radio therapy burnt my oesophagus so I ended up in hospital for two weeks as I couldn’t keep any food or even water down, I still can only keep very soft foods and very small amounts down. I will have my scan on September 20 to see if the tumour has shrunk but because of the inflammation it may not be possible to see, so, in the meantime I’m just being positive and thinking that after all the horrible treatment it surely must have gone! Thanks again for remembering Pam it was so kind t of you, Hope your ok as can be, take care, Love Nina xx


think the blog Poll was on about on EL is Nindancer,its not Nina thats put a blog on.

J x


So sorry I spaced that out for those of us that struggle with small text but when I pressed post it changed it!

Nina x

Hi Nina

I was just going to ask Poll where she meant cos I couldn’t find it, and I spotted you had answered.

So glad your treatment has finished, but sorry to hear it’s caused problems, time to rest and recuperate Nina, you have endured a huge amount. I would have thought the same as you, in that possibly the chemo would be worse, but thinking back to when I worked, my colleague had radio therapy for breast cancer, and her one boob was bright red and very sore, so perhaps that affects the skin more.

You have been in my thoughts and I hope all the positive vibes from all of us on this forum has helped a little, and it will be good news at your appointment.

Ttake care Nina, one day at a time (((hugs)))

Pam x

I’m so glad that it went well for you I hope that you get even better . Love Michelle and Frazer xx woof

Hopefully you’ve turned a corner now the treatment is behind you. I hope you’re feeling better anyway

Yes, my blog was confusing things, the site wasn’t behaving when I posted it.

Sonia x

Thanks Pam,

Strangely it didn’t affect my skin just internal organs.

still resting,

Love Nina x

Thanks Michelle, Frazer and Sonia,

Still resting, keep hoping for some strength to get up but it’s not happening at the moment

Have my constant furry companion,Betty, with me which always cheers me up!

Love Nina xx