Night sweats

Hi I was diagnosed in Feb this year but the last two months I have been suffering terrible night sweats. I am so exhausted from lack of sleep. I have been taking HRT treatment for yrs so don’t think it’s menopausal. Does anyone else suffer with this and if so is there any treatment.


night sweats are horrid.

what i’d give for a good 8 hours of sleep!

have a fan near your bed, drink lots of water and try to stay calm.

keep curtains and window closed during the heat (?) of the day.

open the window when you go to bed.

wishing you a good night’s sleep.

carole x

Are you taking any other medication?

Thank you for the replies yes I’m on all sorts of medication just spoke to GP he thinks it’s the hrt medication so hopefully it will get sorted

There may be more than one drug that is responsible for the night sweats, so it may take some trial and error to eliminate the one responsible. Good luck and I wish you a speedy resolution.

Thank you