Hi everyone

I have been having some MS symptoms for the past 3 months. I saw my GP who sent me for lots of tests and an appointment with Neuro Spinal Unit. I had MRI spinal scan in May. Then my symptoms went away and I thought it was a one off.

In early June some symptoms returned but much less than before. I called the neurologist I had seen and she booked me in for MRI on my brain. At the same time I got a lightheaded feeling and nausea. I’ve now had this for about 3 weeks. I even took a pregnancy test as it feels like morning sickness. I’m not pregnant - which is a relief as I already have a 3 year old and 6 month old.

I had a call from the neurologist last night who, after looking at my MRI brain scan, confirmed that it looks like MS.

I’m not sure how I feel today. My husband was with me when the doctor called but I now have to start telling others.

My symptoms have been pins and needles, numbness, extra sensitivity and some weakness in my right leg and left arm.

I just wanted to say “Hi” and see if anyone else has this lightheadedness as the doctors seem to think that is anxiety rather than MS.

I have been really impressed with all the doctors and and the speed in which I’ve been seen. I think i’m one of the lucky ones - :slight_smile:


Just realised title should be ‘Newbie’ !

Hi Sally,

Welcome to the forum!

I too get dizzy/lightheadedness, but I’m not dx yet…so not sure if it’s due to MS or not…I get tingling, pins and needles, my joints are painful especially down my left side…I’ve had MRI which has come out ok…so they’re miffed as to whats wrong with me.

wish you luck


Hi Sally, and welcome to the site

It’s a complete bummer finding out we have MS, but it could definitely be worse! It takes quite a while to get your head around it, but it really does get easier with time so take each day as it comes and you’ll be OK in the end.

As far as the lightheadedness and nausea goes, it sounds like it might be a mildish form of vertigo. Vertigo is a very common symptom of MS. The good news is that there are things you can do to help. Your GP can prescribe stemetil for it (or something similar) and there are exercises you can do to help called Cawthorne-Cooksey. You can find info about these on-line, but it might be best to see a neurophysio / rehab physio - your GP can refer you.

Unfortunately, most GPs know diddley-squat about MS so we often have to take the lead :frowning:


Karen x

hiya…gosh yes as rizzo says could be vertigo…I have had the same for 18 mths…it can make you feel like you are actually going to throw up and often mine is worst when getting up and in the morning ut can continue throughout the day also. yes there are lots of things you can take that will help…am not finished the rehab physio as yet for vertigo and had to put it on holld after optic neuritis in jan. the physio did say sh didn’t think it would get rid of it in my case but make it more manageable…I also take bee pollen tablets which are a natural anti histamine without the drowsy affects that some prescription meds have… so sorry to hear of your dx but you’re in the right place here for support and info just ask… em x

Hi Sally - you say now you have to start telling others. I would suggest that you don’t have to tell others unless necessary. I.e you have to tell dvla and you should tell car and travel insurance. If you want to tell others for support fine. I choose not to disclose as I don’t want people to look at me differently or tell me their ms stories I.e I have a friend with ms and she followed this diet and cured herself etc - I have enough to deal with without these added opinions or expectations. SORRY realised that I am waffling Hugs Min xx

Hello and Welcome Sally,

Sorry to hear you have been dx with MS, just remember we’re here for you.



Ditto Janet , its amazing how much help and esupport is here. Thanks people and good luck. F.xx.

Thank you everyone

Having a bad day today, not got dressed yet!

I’m starting to feel like I will never feel well again. We had a family day out yesterday, as I had told my husband the thing I was most worried about was not being able to do things with the kids. I did manage the day but didn’t really enjoy it. Will I ever be able to just get on with things? In RRMS do you every feel reall well in between?

Sorry for the moan, but I’ve only told my husband and my mum so far.

Hello from me aswell.

As to the do you ever feel well question I think its a matter of learning the new you and how to best manage your symptoms to get the most out of life.

If you are going to have a hectic day,its best to go easy the day before and plan not to do much the next day.

I am in your situation now as we have a holiday in 2 weeks and the family expect me to bodyboard etc as normal…I am quietly dreading the walk from the carpark to the beach never mind surfing!!!

I dont know if you are on various meds but when you are more used to them you learn where and when to take an extra one to ensure you can physically manage what life throws at you or activities you want to do with the kids.

I personally wouldnt of told many people about my dx but hubby who cant cope with it tells everyone ,I think its just his way of coping…I think its whatever you are comfortable with.

I would certainly suggest that this forum is the best place for airing your troubles or having a full blown rant without and family consequences.

Take care


Hi from me too. I’m still in limboland but understand where you are coming from totally. I have 3 kids (14, 11, and 8) and I worry that I won’t be able to do fun things with them. It’s amazing here and you can rant anytime you like as someone will always be there to help. Believe me I have had more rants/moans than many people. I hope you start to feel better soon Xx

Hi Sally and welcome

I get that horrible lightheaded feeling sometimes and I’ve also had labrynthitis a few times too - Stemetil helps - so it’s worth mentioning to your GP if it gets really bad.

Take your time adjusting to the news of your dx. The decision of whether you tell friends, family and your employer is entirely your choice. Personally, I’d recommend telling those closest to you simply because you then widen your support network. Telling your employer also has it’s benefits too. But ultimately it’s a very personal decision - take your time and do what you feel is right for you!

When you’re ready there’s lots of publications you can have a look at both on here and the ms trust website. The same thing applies though - do so only if you want too and when you’re ready. Information overload is not a good thing!

Debbie xx

Hi Sally, I was dx at Christmas and it will get better somedays, I can go horse riding for hours and rush about like I use to, then the next day feel really exhausted like yesterday but it was raining all day so that wasn’t so bad, I still get really mad and upset because I can’t do things some days but you do seem to accept it with time, I find looking forward to something really helps like a holiday, having MS as made me enjoy the little things in life more (I’m having a good day today)