newly disgnosed

Hi everyone

September last year i woke up feeling sick vomited and went to bed,when i woke up i had the most violent dizzy spins and nausea. Two docs appointments and 5 days later i was given an injection to stop my nausea but the violent head spins didnt stop for 7 weeks. a short two day hospital stay ctc mri and lumbar puncture left me feeling rehydrated but still dizzy. the neurologist said that although i showed ms in ologoclonal bands that my symptoms were common ms so he wasnt sure i had ms but he diagnosed me with probable relapsing remitting ms . wtf.

January in Australia brought lots of heat and family stress and brought back my brief head spins and then before i left numbness in my whole leg from butt cheek to toes. 7 days later i have a very cold sensation in my foot with still numbness. how long can i expect this to go one bad enough its cold outside dont need my own private foot iceberg.

so i guess the doc was right but i have yet to speak to him again.I have my first appointment with the ms nurse on monday and am so confused, frustrated and uncomfortable with my condition.

looking for some guidance help with what can i expect for this session with the nurse. reading ms website it says i should go on dmt. how have people dealt with these similar symptoms and have they gone onto have dmt with no relapses.

role on my symptom free body.

hi jacky

ah love, it sounds like sensory ms, which the neuros think isn’t a bad thing.

however your internal thermostat is buggered, mine is too.

heat does me no favours but neither does this baltic weather.

on the plus side, your ms nurse will be a massive support.

they have heard and seen it all before so will help you sort your head out.

you will be offered a choice of dmts so read up on them so you have some idea of what they are.

i did very well on copaxone for 4 years with no relapses.

bad injection site reactions made me have to come off it.

now i take tecfidera.

mindfulness meditation helped me through a rough patch.

carole x

thank you for your kind words catwoman. i too am a catwoman 2 lovely maine coons who provide me with some comfort when feeling down. assume you meant catwoman as in the furry ones as opposed to the leather clad ones :slight_smile:

sensory ms. something new again to learn about, ive been doing so much research my head hurts.

life just keeps getting better for me with being laid off at work today, what more can happen. (lotto wins i wish) well ill treat it as a blessing in disguise as it was a stressful job and that does me no good with ms.

Im glad your medication is helping. Im looking forward to talking to the nurse to see where i go from here

yeah it’s the furry cats i’m talking about.

dread to think what i’d look like in head to toe leather!

carole x