Newly diagonsed

Good evening, I wonder if you can help. I have just been diagnosed with MS but I don’t feel my neurologist is very supportive. He’s told me that I can get a second opinion, so I’d like to be seen by a specialist in MS. Do I have to go back to my GP, can the GP refer me to a specialist centre and how quickly will this happen since I’m still having symptoms. The neurologist said he’d get a MS nurse to contact me, would they be able to recommend a specialist? Many thanks

Hi banks-jinn

I would expect your Neurologist to make the referral, but it wouldn’t hurt to get the GP on board as well. My Neurologist referred me to the MS Specialists. I’m lucky to have the BrAMS (Bristol and Avon MS) local to me, so the referral time frame was relatively short. I am now on the Specialist’s Patient Listing.

Timescale will usually depend on where you are, and where the nearest Specialist is in relation to you, and it may take some time for an appointment to come through.

Not sure if the MS Nurse could recommend a Specialist, they may be able to and in the meantime they will be able to provide support/advice.