General neuro

I have been refered back to see a neurologist. The appointment hasn come through but it isn’t with the same neurologist, who had said that he was happy to see me again. . I am not sure whether he was a specialist neurologist in ms or not but this new neurologist is a general one. I am not sure what to do, do I start again with a new neurologist or do I query this, as the continuity of care will be broken and I will have to explain my symptoms all over again? A very frustrated Lou x

Hi, You could call your hospital to query why the different specialist, it could just be down to the previous one isn’t available. The MS specialist I see was off and I had to see another. My appointment was meant to be with the one I seen all the time in February and my appointment was cancelled as the specialist became unwell. Her secretary agreed to reschedule my appointment when she was back but she still is off so an appointment was arranged with another. He was well informed in my history and symptoms so it didn’t feel like I had to explain everything again. Polly x