newly diagnosised

Ihave been diagnosed about 4mths ago and will see ams consultant this week

How long i have had ms, who knows, iwas admittted into hospital as aday patient for a series of tests, some to rule out cardiac problems and others to prove ms related symptoms.

I had to have a lumber puncher as i cannot have a MRI scan as i have a pacemaker in situtu. Ihave another condition lone paroyxmal attrial fibrilation which has been an ordeal I have had two heart ablations and are arthymia free for over two years

Now this is where things get tricky when I got symptoms of numbness and because of my medical history I was treated as though I was having a minor stroke. I had problems with my eyes my docter refered me to london moorfieds hospital it was there that a optromist refered me to the royal london nerology for as urgent apportment, this hapened 3 days later and my eyes were showing ms symptoms.

I am really not sure if I have MS before I got AF I have balance and cordination problems which then said at the time were stroke related. I have tried to research this I could only find one case. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. Also I am due to have my pacemaker replaced this year as it is over 11 years old, does anyone know if it is possible to have a mri safe one , welcome any replys, I feel a bit mixed up at the moment

wow, we sound the same. I have PAF too, since 2005 taking Warfarin and Solatol for it. I have only seen specialist once and he retired so only been monitered by GP. Since then I have been admitted to hospital about 3 or 4 times with suspected mini stroke’s and these have taken there toll on me. Each time I have been left with some small disabilities ie left sided weakness, loss of hearing in right ear and vision issues together with lots of numbness and tingling. But on the last admission 2 years ago the hospital doctors cast doubt on mini stroke and referred me to a Nuerologist for suspected MS. Myself I was very doubtful but they convinced me to go. i have had MRI’s and Evoke tests. LP, 4 attempts but failed as I have Spondiylitis in the spine and this made it difficult to find a gap in my spine. I did not want to retry under exray for this. No test has proven MS only symptoms are pointing to MS. I now have Meniere’s diagnosis since then, so now it makes in difficult to no what my balance issue’s are due too. My AF episode’s kick in about once every 5 months and lasts about 30hrs and have odd beats lasting a minute or so inbetween, I do get a lot of mucsle twiching especially in my upper left arm.

I would check with your specialist with regards to MRI and pacemaker.

Good luck in your journey. PM me if you want too.

Catherine xx