Newly diagnosed

I have just been diagnosed with MS yesterday after a year of symtoms. I kind of knew after a few months it was going to be MS and have been quite laid back about it and even joking, but in the last 25 hours since it was confirmed ive gone through so many emotions the latest being ‘anger’ which is very unlike me, I take it this is a common response

Hello Jim Bob, sorry to learn of your dx. Anger is a normal reaction which many of us go through as it’s like a bereavement, something we have lost. There will be many emotions on your part, but try to explain how you feel to family and friends, share your feelings and get your frustrations out into the open. It does help. You can always come on here and someone will reply, you can rant and rave and we will understand and try to help you through it. Best wishes



Hello Jimbob i hope you get the support you should from your MS nurse from your previous post you were handled very abruptly by your Neurologist. How you are feeling is understandable no matter how prepared you feel you are for the diagnosis it still can hit you hard. It does you good to have a rant now and then Best wishes Sue