Just diagnosed

I got diagnosed yesterday after 7 long ass years of being called everything from an attention seeker to a druggy and now I’m a mixture of have they got it right and super angry at everyone. Is this normal ?

I can imagine I’d probably feel exactly the same!


I think the range of emotions you are going through is absolutely typical. You must be a complete mess of muddled fury at the delay to diagnosis, and utter relief that at least now you’ve been shown to have MS.

And that probably won’t be the end of the anger at the delay and really, just at the fact you have MS at all. Nor other very mixed up emotions.

The problem is that for some people MS is really difficult to diagnose. It isn’t necessarily the fault of the doctors you’ve seen (though it might be!). Sometimes the signs are very confused.

Keep talking to us on here though.


Hi and welcome. I was diagnosed last month with ppms but the neurologist thinks it started 10 years ago due to the history I gave him. I think many people thought I was lazy and thought I was exaggerating my walking problems so I understand how you feel. Anger is understandable and so is questioning the diagnosis and I am sure many other emotions will follow. At the moment I’m quite accepting that it is what it is… I feel sad about it rather than angry but I am 53 and have had good health for most of those years so I count myself lucky. Ask as many questions as you need to here, I have found the people on this forum to be very helpful and honest. Karen.

Thanks for your replies , I’m still angry more than ever it seems and a little sad , I informed work day after my diagnosis and now they are saying they want proof … they asked for what I was given at the hospital but I wasn’t given anything other than some tablets . All this started because I was late one day and I asked for a bit of give on my finishing times as the medication side effects are horrible . Now they are treating me like I’m lying and want proof before Christmas which is impossible because my doctor is away for the holidays plus I have to pay 25 pound for a letter from them . I’m a single parent so it’s a lot of money to me . I had a boyfriend to talk to about this stuff but we split up a week before I got my results and no chance of us getting back together so now there’s just me and a toddler wondering why his mum is always in a bad mood . I’m in my 30s never been a drinker since my teens it’s just so irritating it’s happening

Hi Moominmama Your consultant or specialist will be sending a letter to your GP and you normally will get a copy sent to you . You can then choose to show your employers if you wish to, but it’s most likely not going to be this side of Christmas now so they will just have to blooming wait ! . Take time to breathe , and assess. Remember that our employment laws offer protection. Cuddle your toddler as that is your best medicine Julie

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You could try and phone the neurologists secretary tomorrow, you never know s/he may be working! Ask whether the GP report post diagnosis has been written yet. Then ask if it’s been typed (as there can often be a couple of weeks between those events!) and when you are likely to get a copy of it. (‘Checked but sent unsigned to avoid delay’, my @rse!)

Your employer sounds like they are the most unresponsive, uncaring lot of gits. You can’t give them written proof of a horrible diagnosis that you are just not in possession of yet!! And why would someone lie about a diagnosis of MS! They’d have to be sick - in the head.

What tablets are you suffering with? Are they anything anyone on here can give advice on? Sometimes the timing of drugs can make a difference, sometimes it’s about food, and sometimes it’s the side effects of the drugs, plus fatigue.

I’m really unsurprised you’re still furious. There’s a lot to be bloody angry about.

But just imagine your child’s face on Christmas Day!! That might help a tiny bit!