Newly diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed with ms yesterday (even though I need more test to determine what type I have got, which I don’t really understand) I have been going through the process for about 3 months and since it has been mentioned I can’t stop thinking about it, every little ache and pain I think it has something to do with ms and I don’t feel like I can move on with my life or make any big life changing decisions ie move house, change jobs because I don’t know what the future holds, has anyone else felt like this, does it get easier ?

Hi Julie. First up sorry about your diagnosis it’s frankly a shitty thing to happen to anyone and with “everything else” going on at th moment it’s probably a shittier time than usual. Diagnosis can take quite a bit of time to pin down, I was first told about likely MS back in January and I’m still not quite there yet (fingers crossed for a call this evening though).

As for the impact on your thinking, yup I can certainly relate to that. Any life changing diagnosis is bound cause thoughts like this and it is totally normal and to be expected, or at least is was for me. It does get easier once you stop catastrophizsing and get a handle on how your MS impacts you. My thoughts would swing between thinking that “nothing with change” to “I’ll be incontinent in a wheelchair in a couple of years” on an almost daily basis whereas the reality is that it is unlikely that either of those will be true. Once I stopped doing that things got a bit easier to deal with. That being said I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’ve thought about the house, my job, and impact on later life but these are uncertainties that impact everyone, it’s just that we’ve all been given a sharp reminder, but it’s important to keep living your life. This is just part of you but it doesn’t define you.


Hi Julie Anne

yes it gets easier in that life throws other problems at us.

Covid worries have given me more than MS to worry about.

so MS is no longer my number one concern!

the childish side wants to say “Nar, nar”

I’m 12 years since diagnosis and although financially less well off and spending loads on Tena products everything keeps rolling along.

keep in touch with friends with a view to meeting up for a coffee once lockdown is over.

Be kind to yourself and don’t be in a rush to make any life changing plans until you have adjusted to having MS.

try not to allow stress any headspace.

Carole x

Hi Julie, I know how shocking and scary a diagnosis of MS is. But it doest have to mean your life is ruined altogether.

It means your life has changed…you can still be you…Many folk with MS still work and have a pretty full life.

The best advice I can offer you, is to pace your activities, take any help when offered and get good rest times.

When planning your future, do factor in anything like moving to an accessible home, or getting adaptations when and IF you need them.

Not everyone ends up in 24 hour care places…infact very few do.