newly diagnosed what should i next ?

Hi i have been diagnosed with MS mild ms just 5 days ago and i just the 3 days i have been getting tingling sensation on my right side and pin and needs feeling, and just been feeling exhausted more than usually,
i have an appointment in two weeks with neurology pharmacist

what should i do next ?
should i be worried

For now, plese update your doctor. That may bring the appointment with the MS nurse forward. Some light twitches at all times can be part of the MS regardless of a relapse. If you think you are relapsing, you need to report to the GP.

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis.
I was diagnosed about a year ago, with symptoms a bit like yours. A year on, on treatment, I am no better, but also no worse.
If this wouldn’t be too overwhelming, you could start reading up on the treatments for MS. Do you know whether you have relapsing remitting MS, or progressive MS? That has an impact on the treatment available.
A useful starting point is the MS Society or MS Trust. If you want a bit more detail, you could try to find the MS DMT info cards (DMT= disease modifying treatment) online. If you have relapsing MS, there are quite a few options. It’s useful to know a bit about the pros and cons of different treatment. You need to think about the impact on your life now - but also in the longer term. MS is unusual in that you may get some choice about which treatment to go on (rather than just being told, drug X is best).
You could also look up what treatment might be available for your fatigue, if that’s becoming a problem. Again, best to focus on reliable sources e.g. MS Society website. And personally I’d set a daily time limit on this reading - because you need to get on with your life.
You could make a list of questions for the pharmacist, as they occur to you. That way you don’t forget everything on the day.
Lots of people out here to support you.
Should you be worried? Perhaps you should be concerned enough not to bury your head in the sand and just pretend you don’t have MS - otherwise you may miss out on helpful treatment. Beyond that, I don’t think worrying helps! Better to get outdoors for some exercise, if feel up to it.

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