Just been diognosed with MS 2 weeks ago!

Not sure what to think. Seeing MS nurse tomorrow for 1st time. Hey btw

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of your dx, I hope your appointment with the nurse goes well, if you have any question unanswered or you want to chat or vent we are all a friendly bunch here.

Good luck


Hi, depending on which type of MS you have, there could be drugs to help.

Write a list of questions. Take someone with you, if poss, as it`s always a help to have a 2nd pair of ears.

Good luck.


Hey, thanks for your replies, they are very welcome! I seen the MS nurse today and I have the next few months to decide what type of treatment I will start in October. I have relapsing remitting MS & so far I have not been bad expect for a few small eye problem & tingling over the last 6/7 yrs. It is all a bit surreal and hasn’t really hit me, hopefully I will stay that way lol. Thanks again for getting back to me