Hello everyone,

new here obviously lol

My name is Craig and i am 51 years young.

After a MRI Scan for a trapped nerve i was diagnosed with M.S. on Friday the 30th October.

Huge shock…so…here i am not knowing what to expect or the treatments available and at what stage.

i suppose im just looking for a pat on the back or a everything is going to be alright

looking forward to getting to know you all

Hello Craig

Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you’ve had cause to find yourself here.

Did you ever pick the wrong time to be diagnosed?? Just before the new lockdown! Have you met/spoken to an MS nurse? If not, and yiu don’t have the contact details, phone your neurologists secretary and ask him/her.

Do you know what variety of MS you’ve been diagnosed with? Most common is relapsing remitting, in which you have episodes of symptoms (relapses) followed by remission (either complete or partial). Have a look at

You’ll find many fact sheets on the MS Trust pages, or look on here (see the About MS button). Try not to randomly Google.

Best of luck. Keep posting on here, people will try to help.


Hi Craig…welcome to the club no-one wants to join!

Were a friendly lot, with support, a bit of advice and a yeh, we know how that feels chuck`.


Hi Craig,

Just wanted to say am relatively newly diagnosed too (August) so totally get it, as do all the others on here. It’s completely overwhelming at first but you will have a follow up soon with a nurse who will talk you through everything. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly after diagnosis that happened and how much time the nurse took with me, well over an hour on the phone. So you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions and go through your treatment options then.

For now any questions that come to mind just post on here and you’ll get a quick response. Some of the long-time MSers on here seem to know as much if not more than many of the doctors I’ve spoken to!

Lots of love to you, Charlotte x

Hi Craig, I’m 61 and was diagnosed with MS the day before you. Same story. Was told at first it was a disc pressing into a nerve but when symptoms got worse had more MRI scans and showed lesion on my spine. Don’t know what it means for the future as they said they can’t say how it will develop over the years. No further contact with the MS department at the hospital. I was a bit shocked for a few days but now have shaken hands with it, as they say.