Newly diagnosed numbness

Evening all, diagnosed less than a month ago, and one of my main symptoms is numbness in my left hand, is there treatments or anything else that can help as my right hand has started going too

I am sorry about your diagnosis. The best way to deal with RRMS damage is to head it off before it happens, and that means taking a disease modifying treatment that will minimise the chances of future relapses and reduce the severity of any that sneak through.

If you feel your current relapse spreading rather than receding, you need to tell your neurologist. You might need steroids to calm things down.

Assuming you are in the U.K. you should be allocated to a MS Nurse or team. They should be able to arrange an appointment with a Neurological Physiotherapist who should be able to give you some exercises that will help your body work round the damage. Not an area I have had a problem with. Talking to a lady who had injured herself skiing who had retrained her hand as the impulses were going to the wrong fingers. In the meantime I would do sequential finger touches. I find this helps when I have slept awkwardly. Also some exercise classes use a tennis ball to squeeze transfer and stretch.