Hands - when to go to the neurologist


Im newly diagnosed and newly symptomatic - 3 months now. My left hand has been getting progressively numb over about 6 weeks. Its started to cramp and Im having trouble getting cards out of my wallet etc.

Last night my shoulder and bicep decided to join in the numbness and cramping.

When should I involve the neurologist? Can anything be done? My GP would refer me to the neurologist.


If you’re in the UK and have been assigned an MS nurse, I’d suggest starting with her. If you’re still waiting on the NHS to set things up, I’d just contact the neuro and let him know that things are getting worse. Can anything be done? Probably not, but he needs to know that your problems are increasing. Have they discussed DMT’s with you yet?


hi were you diagnsoed with RRMS. If so you could be in a relapse any new symptoms which last longer then 48 hours i believe should be treated seriously, so i would contact your GP and let them deal with it for you, unless you have been assigned one of the rare MS nurses. Do not leave it.

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Thanks for the advice. Ill email my neuro. Im in Australian so no nurse. Yes straight onto ocrevus 2 weeks after dx.It was very fast which I appreciated.