Hi All

New to the group ! I was diagnosed with MS about 5 weeks ago having had symptoms for well over a year. I was turned away 3 times by by GP . I have had my first 5 day treatment of steroids about 2 weeks ago . So far no better . It is really tough to admit to yourself that you have MS and you have to deal with it ! Just trying to get my daily tablet treatment sorted to a suitable dose .

Personally I worry about every symptom I get . For example if I get a headache I instantly start to think it is the MS and panic sets in .

How long did it take you all to finally admit to yourself that you have MS ?

Hi Ant

how are you getting on now? How are your sumptoms? I’m not diagnosed yet but I tend to be the same worried about any issue, from what I’ve read a lot of the people tend to adapt and what your going through is quite common early on

Hi Kris . Symptoms tend to be pretty constant weak legs , tingling sensation etc . Just the constant feeling that things will always be like this !

How did your mri’s look mate? I know they say sith steroids unless they’re used early that they may not work and some people are left with residual issues

its good that it’s sensory so far too apparently based on prognosis etc, have you looked at diet and other stuff vitamins etc?

I had legions between my brain and eye, so have optical neuritus . Also at the top and base of my spine . Apart from that fit as a fiddle mate !!

I was told steroids can take about 4 weeks to show any sign of working, so still living in hope !! Diets and vitamins , hoping to get some good advise on this website for this !

Hi Ant, welcome to the group. It took me a year to get my head round and accept my diagnosis. It is normal to think every symptom is Ms it is going to take a bit of time to get used to your symptoms and how to manage them.

this is a very friendly forum ask any questions you have somebody will be able to help you.

ann x

Hi Ann

Many thanks for your kind words . It really is hard to understand MS, I guess that comes with time and talking to people . I have plenty of questions to ask I am quite sure , so I will get on this . Its just trying to find the right balance and medication at the moment, but I have an appointment with my nurse beginning of next month, so I will be grilling her for sure !!

How long to admit to myself. Oh, crumbs - don’t even ask. And anyway it doesn’t matter because your way of dealing with it will be your own way.

And yes, of course your health-worry alert system will be set on a hair-trigger at the moment. When a serious health condition has just come out of the blue, a person will be inclined to think that every ache and pain is related/fatal/whatever. That wears off, though. One thing I will say is that life can return to normal (or something that is isn’t quite the old normal but looks surprisingly like it) fairly quickly. You are still you, and we are usually very good at reverting to being ourselves quite quickly even after a bad upheaval.

Good luck with it all.


Great advice from Alison

also Ant if your struggling maybe some anti d or anxiety meds might do you good, I know I struggled to admit I need any but right now I wish I’d had them ages ago

Thanks Alison, that is re-assuring !! I appreciate it will always be in the back of my mind, but trying to get some form of normality back is my aim . I am determined to keep working, and helping my lads football team (albeit with administrative stuff) just to keep some normality in my life, and take my mind off it !

You never know, I may be even able to help with the training one day soon

Thanks a lot

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