new to all this

Hey I am brand new to this place. I have been diagnosed six months. I suffer relapse a lot I have no family and no support.

Whereabouts are you from? MS Society have branches across the world and they are friendly, welcoming and supportive.

New to all this too.

I have also just been diagnosed - and was not expecting it!

Last week I had high dose IV steroids at my local hospital. The side effects were horrible. Felt really sick and weak and slept loads. Now feeling a bit better but really weak and if anything symptoms are worse, have very stiff and heavy legs and the MS Hug for 4 months now.

Just wondering how long the steroids take to improve things.


I am constantly having to explain my health and u get sick of it. People can be very rude . I have been told my ms is far progressed but I don’t dwell