Hi all, I’m currently in the process of having tests to determine what my symptoms are pointing to. Been to the gp with various symptoms such as weakness in arms and legs, numbness, pins and needles, irritation in left eye etc. Due to my mum having ms the gp has referred me to a neurologist which is booked in for Dec. Just thought I’d say hi and I look forward to chatting with you all and comparing notes!

Hi Mrs T! Welcome to this forum You’ll have plenty of people to chat with here & plenty of info & tips to help you.

Good luck for your neuro appointment in December, hope things go well

Rosina x

welcome to the boards

good luck with your neuro appointmnent

carole x

Hi Thanks for the welcomes! Yes I have had two blood tests, the first one came back clear but the doctor phoned me a few weeks later and said something about extra vitamins in my blood and asked me to have another blood test. The second blood test was for vitamin B12 but again it came back fine. One thing that is bugging me at the moment is nausea and sickness! It’s happening at least 3 times a week and comes on really suddenly. Any one else experience this?