Newbie - very likely diagnosis of MS. So many questions!

Hi, I’m 30 years old and I am currenlty awaiting MRi and EVP tests for likely MS. My initial appoinment with the neuro consultant who said he would be very surprised if those tests come back ‘normal’! My symptoms started back in June when I had a numb (numb to sensation on touch) area on the left side of my loin which over a week spread down my left leg. A few weeks later, with the numbness still present in left leg and now my toes too, the right foot/toes started to go numb. At this point I went to my GP who said to be on the safe side she would refer me to neurology just to rule out anything like ms. At this point I was hoping it would just be a trapped nerve and thought nothing of MS. Later in July the new numbness in my right foot spread to ny mid thigh just like the other side. At this time I was extremely busy with consolidating my practice placement to complete my Nursing diploma at University so I was quite stressed. I then developed O/N. (I had an episode of O/N in 2007 but from what I remember it was very mild and nothing else was ever done or said) I went back to my GP to explain my new problem which is when she seriously talked about MS and all these symptoms I am having are very common charastic signs of MS. It didn’t really help that I was working 40hrs a week and trying to get my head around it. Being a nurse I have only ever seen the worst of MS (wheelchairs, catheters, carers, hoists etc) and then it hit me and I couldn’t even mention the word MS without bursting into tears! Now I have had a few weeks to get my head around the thought and I’m coming to yearns with it. And I’m pleased to say I did graduate from uni passing with distinction and getting a job on an actue medical ward at a general hospital! So now I’m just waiting for my MRi and EVP tests to find out what happens next. The neuro Dr did mention medications but to be honest at that point it was a bit of information overload! I have also recently developed numbness in my face on the left side a bit Luke the shape/area of a phontom of the opera mask. And also I’m having terrible trouble with fatigue and insomnia. But my shifts at my new job don’t help. I work 3-4 12.5hr shift a week. As I have only been employed for 4 week and I don’t have a definate diagnoses I haven’t told my duty manager yet but I don’t feel my symptons are affecting me physically just yet. I’m a mum to a son who is 9 and a daughter who is 7 1/2. I’m not sure how to tell them about MS. I know they don’t need to know the ins and outs but its hard trying to tell them why I’m so tired all the time. I have lots more questions but will limit my introduction! Nice to know there is a wealth of infomation here. :o)

Welcome Rach :slight_smile: I’m a 39 yr old mum of one. I’m not yet diagnosed and awaiting my first neuro appointment. Well done for getting a distinction! Wow.studying and working on top of motherhood is enough to make you tired anyway!! Look after yourself. There is a lot of help and support on here. Explore the site and make use of the free phone support line, I’ve used it myself and found it very helpful. I get the ‘phantom of the opera’ mask feeling too! It was worse a little while ago and seems to have faded now but it still feels different. I wish you all the best :heart:

Well done on your distinction!

Are you on probation at your job or do you have a contract? What does the contract say about illnesses? Only if you’re diagnosed, and you don’t tell them when the contract says you should, I think they’d be able to let you go on those grounds.

With your children… wait til it’s official, get your own head round it. Speak to others at your local MS support centre, ask parents on here and go from there. x

Congratulations on your recent successes. I am very sorry that a happy and exciting time is being clouded by concerns about your health.

My only suggestion would be, deal with things in bite-sized chunks as much as you can, and concentrate your energies on the things you can do something about - normal life, work. You can’t do a fat lot about your health worries right now - the dx process will play itself out whether you worry about it or not. It would be fatuous to say, ‘Don’t worry’ - of course you will worry. But ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is the next best thing.

If it does turn out to be MS, that will be very bad news, but not the end of the world. You have answered your own question about typical severity - you have seen lots of people at the not-good tail of the distribution curve. That’s not where most MSers are.

Hang on in there. I hope you get some clarity soon about what ails.