Newbie needs some advice, please?

Hello all,

I am new to the forum and joined because I have been having all kinds of symptoms for a number of years. I am a 40 yr old female… Symptoms I have been having are: electric shock pains all over the body, random. The most annoying of these would be lower jaw in the fleshy bit underneath the tongue and going up through the chin to the bottom lip. I have had an achy calf for the last six weeks which has now left me limping, the doc thought that it was dvt, I have been checked and cleared for this. I have had headaches for years, which I thought were migraines. Sometimes I get a muticoloured kind of light flashing on the edge of my vision. I have occasional dizzy spells and slight loss of balance. I had a dizzy spell near christmas where i had been standing/walking around for a while, and I felt dizzy all of a sudden and it started going dark all around me. It passed after a couple of minutes when I sat down. I have very sore elbows knees hips and feet. The muscles in my forearms ache and are quite weak. Sometimes I have a sensation on parts of my skin that feels like sunburn when i dry myself with a towel or run my finger down my skin. My left arm frequently feels like I have a blood pressure cuff on and the whole arm can feel very painful, numb and tingly from my armpit all the way down to my fingers. The right arm is not as bad, the pain dometimes goes up to my elbow. I am tired soon after waking, I have problems with concentration, and recalling words and the names of objects. My doc has sent me for bloods: diabetes-which I have been checked for numerous times and have come back fine, thyroid-same again, iron, b12, vit d3. I have tested negative for lupus and ovarian cancer.

I have low vit d3 and can see that some of the symptoms can be the vit d3, but i am not convinced that all of the symptoms are a result of it.

I also had my biceps reflexes tested and they are all absent except one, which was diminished.

Thanks for reading, I would be extremely grateful for any feedback. x

Neurology is complicated by the fact that many different conditions can cause very similar symptoms so having some symptoms that are consistent with MS doesn’t actually narrow things down very much - they could easily be caused by something else. So the only way to find out what’s going on is to see a neurologist and get the appropriate tests.

For what it’s worth, and I may be completely wrong, the lights and the dizzy spells may have something to do with blood pressure or maybe a form of vasovagal syncope perhaps? Your “going dark all around me” description is exactly what I experience when I faint / black out. The lights and dizziness and possibly some of the other symptoms may be related to your migraine too: migraine can cause loads of neurological symptoms, and not always with an accompanying headache.

As I already said though, the only way to know what’s going on is to see a neuro. There’s a good possibility that it’s nothing serious so keep an open mind and try not to worry about the worst case scenarios!

Karen x

Has anyone mentioned fibromyalgia? Ihave fibro and a lot of the muscle problems, electric shocks etc are classic syptoms.

I’d talk to your gp about it, it’s diagnosed by certain points of pain in your body.

First of all thank you for replying.

My bloods came back showing a deficiency of Vitamin D and B12.

The B12 might be a hereditary thing as my mum has shots every 3 months as she can’t absorb it.

So I guess I can put a lot of it down to the vitamin deficiencies.

I have been for and MRI and should have the results in a few days, but I am crossing my fingers that all is well.

Hi. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with MS but for over 20 years I have suffered with a rheumatic condition called Fibromyalgia which causes pain & tenderness to joints, muscles, tendons, migraines,weakness & many other symptoms. Have a look on Fibromyalgia Association UK websites has this might be helpful & good luck!

Hi, I know its been a while, but I had my MRI results. Just thought that someone might have similar symptoms as me and wonder what it could be. My scan came back showing multi level degenerative disc disease in the spine, 2 prolapsed discs. Report advised to query cervical cord compression or MS. My doc thinks it is the former and has referred me to a neurosurgeon. I can see why the majority of my symptoms would be caused by this, but would it explain the hand tremours that I get and the trigeminal neuralgia too? and why would the radiologist say that it is possibly ms? what did they see on the mri that the doc is not telling me? I just guess that I was expecting to be referred to a neurologist and not a neurosurgeon!

Thanks x