newbie hello

Hi all i have found my way here as i am currently having some rather strange symptoms along with my Arthritic pain i was diagnosed in may with stage 2/3 arthritis in my right knee after i had a full tendon release along with a patella correction ( it was in the wrong position). i have since been told i have severe nerve damage in my lower back and down both legs. i keep having episodes of complete and utter numbness in both legs ,uncontrollable leg spasms tha can last anywhere up to 10-20 minuets at a time, these are now happening 2/3 times a day if not more.i have been diagnose with chronic pain.depresion and anxiety also.i have floaters in my eyes,sharp shooting pain ,brain fog, my memory is not like it used to be i keep forgetting the most mundane things .i have muscle weakness in my whole lower body. i have days where i can not physically move it feels like my legs are made of concrete, have trouble standing for long/short periods of time. i am basically falling apart lol … i am currently waiting to have a scan done on my legs/back to find out the extent of the nerve damage. i go to physio every 2/3 weeks i see my GP regularly . i am currently on 2700 mg of Gabapentin and 1600mg of paracetamol/dihydracodine both for the pain and the nerve damage .

i am just basically confused and a little apprehensive as to weather or not this could be MS ?? as well as the Arthritis … i know i should go and see my GP but i am afraid of what he will say …in regards to it maybe being MS . some family members have asked weather it is this and when i went to see my podiatrist she had some concerns and said that there were a few symptoms that did flag up …

im just looking for some advice and information about what MS is and how it is diagnosed, what the symptoms are ect …

thank you Emma xx

Hi, and welcome to the funny farm! Impossible to say what the likelihood is of your problems being caused by M.S. I’m afraid; the symptoms are so variable and can change between people, and sometimes from day to day in the same person too, so not much help there! To cut it short, MS is when your own immune system gets a bit over-enthusiastic and starts attacking the protective myelin coating around the nerve endings on your brain (like the insulation on a piece of electrical cable), leaving them exposed to damage. Symptoms are dependent on what nerves are involved, how much damage is done to them, and which bits they control. MRI scans are (I think) the most definitive way of telling. Sometimes they have to do a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) as well… but I think they’re used less frequently now MRI technology is more available. But in the end, you have to get the diagnosis from a neurologist… still, there’s a lot of people with it, and we’re all still here and fighting! Good luck with your decisions…

Fracastorius (Jane)

hi emma

limbo is not a good place to be.

in fact i couldn’t believe how i reacted to my diagnosis with such profound relief.

you need to be strong at this stage.

try to stay calm, rest whenever you need to and eat well.

there are ways of coping.

i found mindfulness meditation very helpful. ask your GP if there are any courses locally or download some from the internet.

keep as positive a mindset as possible.

when people ask if there is anything they can do - say yes, take me out for a coffee and a chat.

it helps to have plans to meet with friends.

keep coming on here and we will try to encourage you.

carole xx

thank you both for replying … i will be going back to my GP on monday morning to see what is going on … i have had another 3 lots of tremors this morning . i do tend to over think things but on most occasions my gut instinct is 85% right …

i hope you both have a wonderful day today