Looking for advice, Newbie

Warning this is a long post.

I have to admit being ignorant about MS, So why am I here? Every time I google my symptoms I end up here! I’ve tried to ignore it thinking no it’s got to be something simple but I’m getting no where with my GP.

Ok so today was enough for me but I’ll start at the begining.

About three years ago my symptoms first started, Constipation… not just mild but serious painful prolonged constipation. A tingling in my feet and hands like pins and needles… It turned out my folic acid, Vit C and Vit D where seriously low. So I was given one jab of B12 and was told my constipation was “psycological” the low blood count was put down to a gastric bypass I had in Jan 2009. Seemed theasble about the bloods because Vit dificanies can be a result of gastric bypass. But the constipation being psycological I didn’t get. The symptoms persisted and over the year I just felt very pooly (who wouldn’t emptying their bowels ones every 2 months) My constipation was not treated and I was suffering using dulcalax to help me go. Very painful!

I developed fatigue and I put this down to the constipation. the fatugue is very bad so bad now my life is restricted.

My pyshiatrist didn’t agree also that the constipation was psycological and even tried to get an appointment with my GP and me all three of us because he knew I was becomeing distressed at the symptoms. The tingling in my hand and feet where still precent but more blood tests showed “normal levels” so nothing was done. (I don’t know what the lever where, I never thought to ask I trusted them)

So this all started about three years ago. Approxametly 18 months ago I developed this pain in my left chest wall not my boob but behind the boob on the chest wall. It came and went, and it persisted… I also developed this constant twitiching in my eye but that has since gone. But I’d say for the past 8 months the pain has increased it sort of is constant but flairs up and peaks. it’s lasting longer and the days where it’s not so bad are few and far between.

I have recently moved house and a new GP did some more blood tests and they resulted in raised ESR levels.

I was sent to a mammogram and had a biopsy that resulted in a cyst but no treatment needed. (I’ve always had lumpty boobs and I kept telling them the pain is more my chest, arm and shoulder than my boob but neidless to say they went with the explorotory mammogram and biopsy.

A few weeks ago I saw a rhumatologist and she diagnosed me with “big breastedness” I have osteoarthritis in my right knee have done for about 10 years or more but that’s never been treated so she refferd me to pysipherapy.

I went along today to the psysopherapist and told them whats going on about the pain and they she said “could it be anxiety”

I just felt so so offended, The numerous times I’ve been told it’s anxiety and I know in my heart it’s not. I do suffer from anxiety and I know anxiety stress pain and real pain.

On a daily basis these are my symptoms.

  • Constepstion (three years now)

  • Fatiuge (can’t even sit up sometimes to eat, so weak when I stand up I just feel like the blood is draining from me as I may pass out, Dizzyness and just general weakness.

  • I struggle with my balance! I fall over! Could be easily put down to my dodgy knee!

  • Speach, I get my words all disfunctoned and muddled up. I say the wrong word for items like Volcano instead of Lucasade It’s like my mind just can’t be bothered to even think so just spurts anything out.

  • Tingling numb pain in my hands and feet, a burning pain like frostbite

  • Pain in my left side of my chest wall, down my left arm, around my soulder. Feels like a pressure pain like when you have a blood pressure machine on at it’s tighteste. Really very painful.

  • Buring redness… I get these red patches in my left sholder and on the left side of my face around my eyes and my lips tingling

I’m just so fed up of living in pain, people who don’t know me think I’m drunk because of my slurred speach and how unbalanced I am on my feet. Fed of being fobbed off that all them symptoms are “anxiety”

I don’t know how to handle it, I’m going to see my GP on Friday… I want this sorted. I’m thinking of writing a letter of all my symtoms and asking it to be put in my medical notes because the sysmtoms are developing and I just want my back covered.

PS sorry about the poor spelling I can’t think straight today…

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

sorry to hear you are struggling so uch with your symptoms. If i were you i would try and see a different GP, one who hasn’t been there since the beginning. A fresh perspective could be what you need, If you can’t do this then i would think about changing GP surgery.

I too was told pre-dx that a lot of my symptoms were caused by anxiety, like you i didn’t believe this to be the real cause. So if you feel something is not right, keep on pushing. Maybe a repeat set of bloods could be suggested and a referral to see a neurologist.

I hope you find some answers soon, good luck.

Leora x

I’m going back Friday, I’m going to ask for a referral for full bloods and I want to be CC’d the results.

I think I may have put this thread in the wrong catogory, I don’t even know if my symptoms are MS I just keep landing here every time I do a search and google can be a bad thing :frowning:

Yes if Dr Google was real I’m pretty sure he’d of lost his licence by now! Good like on Friday with the GP, being polite but firm always works well. Take care :slight_smile: