Newbie hello

Hi all, just wanted to say hello. Was diagnosed with rrms in 2009. Are there anybody on here from the Grimsby, Lincs area?H

Hi, sorry not from Lincs (although my son lives in Lincoln!) but want to say hi and welcome .

Hope you like the forum… a nice supportive lot on here.

Hope you find someone from Grimsby,

Pat x

Hi Jazz, welcome aboard the good ship MS and a variety of other stuff too.

It is a good ship, despite why we all come here, as it helps us support each other.

luv Pollx

Hi Jazz

Sorry, not from your area, but just wanted to say welcome.


Hi, I’m a newby too although don’t have a positive diagnosis yet. I live in Spain so feeling a bit lonely but have a really supportive family.

Hi, I’m a newby too although don’t have a positive diagnosis yet. I live in Spain so feeling a bit lonely but have a really supportive family.


I can tell you the folks on here are as good as family support with the added bonus of understanding the stuff thats very difficult to describe.

Welcome aboard.


Good evening all Chris here frm preston Ive been diagnosed with rrms for just over 5 years now, Starting off with rebiff before moving to copaxone, havent really had many relapses, when i have relapsed its b Fatigue is a main problem for myself these days,alwats worn oyt by late afternoon early evening, only 26 aswell.ha Hope everyone is well and be good to hear your backgrounds aswell Chris

Hi Everyone, I am new also not been told yet if I have MS, but I have some symptoms. Fatigue is the maain one I am always tired, would just like to chat with someone, who feels the same as me.


Hiya jan How are you? Fatigue for me these days is a pain,im either full of energy in the morning and knackered later on or the opposite way Dnt really have relapses,only occasionally when i get a cold or somethibg

Hello to all you Newby’s and welcome.



Hi Jan. My fatigue is better then it was. It has got slowly better but I still feel tired most of the time. When it first hit I was too exhausted to even move my head and had trouble breathing due to the exhaustion but it has got better. I understand how frustrating it is as I am a very active person. Missing my mountain walks and riding my motorbike but I am sure it will sort out in the end.

Hi Chris and Kirstie, I am sick of this fatigue, and its getting me down.I have not worked since Nov 11,this is due to good and bad days…Out of 7days I can have 3 good days. My legs are all stiff and find walking difficult if I have been sat for a while, or if I may of done 2 much.

How do you all cope with memory loss or thinking things through, I have found this very strange to deal with, and I noticed this last yr. Keep intouch everyone, its good to chat to people the same as me… lol


Hi Jan, it’s difficult to deal with, that’s for sure. Sorry for not coming back sooner but have been in hospital to try to get this last attack under control. When the fatigue is bad you just have to give in to it coz you can’t fight it. When I first felt the fatigue I thought I could fight it or ride through it but I have had to change my attitude to this because it doesn’t work. So don’t punish yourself if there are days when you can’t do anything. On better days I set myself little tasks, nothing excessive but at least I feel I have achieved something which is good for the mind!! Chin up and try to keep up beat xx