New York


Has anyone with SPMS/limited mobility been to New York? I am going at the weekend with my husband. I am now feeling really scared about whether I can cope with it, the getting about, the not being sure where the nearest loo is etc. I know i should be excited but I am really apprehensive that I won’t cope and an expensive holiday will be ruined by me.

We may rent a scooter or wheelchair, not sure which would be best there.

Advice or tips welcome.

Thanks folks


Take a look at this thread, while you are waiting for the replies to flood in.

did you book a wheelchair at the airport so you dont have to walk miles to terminals? My friend did when she went to aussie and it worked out really well.

I believe you can book a wheelchair/scooter at the other end when you arrive if you need it.

This article might help it actually gives you the contacts of a scooter/wheelchair company in NY.

Hopefully they will help.

this is what my friend did when she went to aussie and it worked great.

Good luck have a nice time.