anyone been to New York

Hi Has anyone been to New York?

I am going with my sister next month and I am going to take my walker however there is a company who hires scooters, and they deliver them to your hotel, but was wondering if i would get the full use of it, or just stick to the walker.


Hi Trish, I haven’t been to NY but last year went to Texas. I’m always in my power chair so it came with me, I saw lots of people in hired scooters or buggies so it’s definately easy to hire when you’re out there. Only you can decide if it’s worth getting one, but if you intend to do some sightseeing while you’re out there, I’d think a scooter would make things much easier for you with regard to fatigue.

Hope you have a great time

Rosina x

I love NY and walked everywhere. It is noisy and full on but a wonderful experience. Now that I need my power chair I have not been. I do remember lots of kerbs and I an sure they had dropped kerbs at intersections but I have not been since 2001.

A scooter would be good because there is a lot of ground to cover and it is better not having to keep jumping into a taxi.

Have a great time and let me know how you got on.Thanks


I’m going in October. I use a walker here but am hiring a scooter there and taking my own wheelchair. I think the sheer volume of people will make getting around with a walker very challenging. Plus we’ve got a pretty full on few days planned and I don’t want to get tired. I would hire the scooter personally but I’m all for making life as easy as possible!

I went a couple of years ago, From what I remember there is A LOT of walking involved to get to the sights and when I was there it was drops at intersections. People are rowdy and not really considerate but, then, I was healthy. I agree that only you can make the decision as to whether you think you need a chair or not but I think it will be hard getting around with a walker and the sheer size and distance of the place. But it depends what you are going to do; do you have a plan as to what you are going to see? Maybe go on google and search distance between the places you are going? If you think you’d be alright with a walker plan days so that the attractions on that day are near each other? But I’d seriously consider getting a scooter, just because of the size of the place and the rowdy crowds. There is also a lot of roads that need crossing, consider how fast you are crossing as from what I remember the lights don’t change for long.

I don’t want to be a downer for you, only you can make this decision, I just thought I’d be honest for you.

Take care, Dante.

thanks folks for the replies