Anybody been to New York?

We’re going for 5 nights in October. Has anybody done it? Will be using a wheelchair/scooter to get around. It seems a bit daunting but hoping that planning everything well in advance will help! Any hotel recs or top tips would be great!

Hi, good luck for the trip and i`ll be interested to know how it went.

luv Pollx

Taxis won’t stop for you if they see a wheelchair, best make friends with the bellhop or concierge,Theatres are quite friendly though if you are seeing a show there is tkts for tonight booth at Times Sq, up to 50% discount, You may be there for Columbus day (second Monday in October) and a pretty big deal in NY, a public holiday and a large parade in New York so there may be some crazy sales on, which are usually worth avoiding as all the stock will be on the floor and get wrapped around your wheels! however we did get hubby a very nice dinner suit for $98 including tailoring in Macy’s. It is probably worth booking Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tickets before you go or as soon as you get there, if you are doing that. Do not take anybody’s advice to stop at the Carter Hotel, in fact, stay anywhere else in New York, that is my top tip! it is very cheap for a very good reason, although it’s a brilliant location for Times Sq. Enjoy yourself it really depends what YOU want to do or are interested in but you won’t be bored,We did the horse and buggy ride in Central Park last time, although it is ridiculously expensive, which is why we’ve never done it before, still done now and ticked off the list! and had no probs putting the w/c in the buggy.

Hi tigermax, Just google New York for disabled travellers. You will find everything you need to know, you have plenty of time to organise a lovely holiday. Have fun!

hi tigermax

I am hoping to go in September with my sister, after husband caved in he has concerns that I will have issues with the travelling, his issue not mine , however as sister says she works with folk that have health conditions so being with me is a walk in the park , I will probably be taking a walker, but still to decide as I am hoping to use their subway system it was really good the last time I was there.

I will be looking more into what we won’t to achieve when we are there, so will be hitting ‘google’ to see what is accessible for me.

Maybe worth you and I ‘private messaging’ if we find any good ideas, also there is a website for folk with disabilities run by a John Sage, he is in a wheelchair and he goes around the world checking out how to access places.

Good luck


Hiya I went to NYC last october and it was fab. We stopped in yotel which is by times square. As im not in a wheel chair is hard for me to comment. Most places have lifts. Our hotel was good as it was all lifts but the room wasnt huge but we opted for a smaller room and they do do bigger ones. Most attractions have lifts so you should be ok but there is so much info online. We did a tour of the city by foot which was amazing! Very tiring and i had so many blisters after but it was so worth it. He took us to all the places to go so we knew where they were. I hope you enjoy your trip xx

Travelling by aircraft seems a daunting experience for anyone Disabled in wheelchair or not, but in reality it isn’t it can be a seamless experience as you are helped every step of the way, (that’s not meant as a pun).

I worked for British Airways for 26 years, as such travelled to many parts of the World. In fact in 1988 I travelled twice around the World, some 48,000 miles in 5 days on aircraft, sponsored for Charity. Not something I would recommend but shows you it is possible.

Stick to these guidelines and you will really enjoy the experience. First on booking your flight tell them you would like assistance from check-in to the gate. This could be a wheelchair with someone pushing or a lift on a Golf type buggy. The gate could be over one mile away so don’t think your doing any favour’s by not asking for help. The aircraft has a certain slot for take off, if you are late because of walking difficulties, THE AIRCRAFT HAS TO GO without you, otherwise it costs mega bucks.

If you have problems walking down the isle when you get aircraft side, no problem, quite a few aircraft now have small wheelchairs especially to take people up and down the isle. If you can’t walk whatsoever, no problem, tell them and facilities will be put in place from check-in to take you to the aircraft by ambulance, high lift you to the aircraft and trained medical staff to lift you in the seat. The golden rule here is ‘tell them.’

With some airlines you can pre-book your seat. If so get one that has more leg room and near the toilets, probably a bulkhead seat. The Civil Aviation Authority has made a ruling that no Disabled person can have a seat by an Emergency Exit for obvious reasons.

If for some reason you get to your destination and your wheelchair is missing or worse still damaged it is the airlines, or should I say good airlines signed up to something called the Haig Protocol to restore or repair your chair, see the airlines staff.

I remember I went to San Diego from Gatwick once and they left my chair behind. I was in a rush had to go down to Tijuana and the only one they had to loan me had a large sign above my head saying ‘AVIS Rent a Car.’ The times I was stopped in my Hotel by people saying “hey fella, where can I get a car.”### ### Have a good time, don’t worry as far as flying is concerned will be looked after.


As far as NYC is concerned last time I went I still walked (not very well) and they had a helicopter from JFK to NYC; fantastic; many years ago.

To really enjoy the place do not be afraid to use a wheelchair. Because America has so many disabled people because of wars it stupidly got involved in everywhere is wheelchair friendly.

Enjoy it because it IS a fantastic experience; pride comes before a fall.


New york is fab its one of those places you just have to go too and take in as much as you are able its just like the shows on telly always noise and never sleeps. i went about10 years ago before i had any real problems and stayed in a bit of a dump hotel but it was right outside the empire state building so everything was very close and we had the best time ever. hope you have a wonderful time and let us know how you got on as i would love to go back but i would also need to use a wheelchair now. HAVE FUN. Katy

Just read that the new mayor wants to ban the horse and carriages…sure the stables are on some very valuable land! Glad we ticked that off the list!.. so it may be the last chance if you fancy it


Just read that the new mayor wants to ban the horse and carriages…sure the stables are on some very valuable land! Glad we ticked that off the list!.. so it may be the last chance if you fancy it


hi , i went there last month for a long weekend .

im a fulltime wheelchair user nowadays , got diagnosed in 2011 as rapid relapsing got told just before x-mas that im progressive now.

my 15 yr old son is my main carer said we better go soon before its too difficult , was able to walk short steps in july 2013.

stayed in hotel in times squire in disabled room , bought a ticket for the hop on and of bus tours the red line company does busses with a wheelchair ramp for acces and once inside they clamp your chair so you dont roll about , you will find people in new york are very friendly to disabled people , most shops have ramps en/or lifts for access . and the pavements arent too badly .

just go and have fun i did and it was worth it

love tina x.

Thanks so much for the replies, it’s really helpful. I have found an accessible cab firm who can take wheelchairs and scooters. I have emailed lots of hotels and most of the big chains seem pretty well equipped in terms of accessible rooms. I am not a wheelchair user day to day but I know I will struggle in NY without one. Bit nervous about the flight, thanks for the tips George!