New Years Resolution for 2018...

I’m going to get myself a stairlift… not going to put it off any longer.

I think that I shall try to hire one, then if/when/whatever I have to move, it will be easier to get rid of it.

Any advice would be appreciated…

Hello. I would very much like a wet room. I’m sure those that supply them will be able answer my questions, but I don’t really know which ones to ask. Can anyone offer any advice please.

no massive advice, but I did save quite a lot by buying a pre owned stairlift (I did buy it from a proper supplier so I did get a warranty and offers of a support contract) I declined the contract so saved more money. So far 6 years of reliable service so it owes me nothing.

Good luck


As long as you qualify. You can get a brand new Stairlift installed and maintained totally free. The process takes a while but we saved £5500. We also have to stay in the property for 5 years. Now we have a Stairlift we don`t want to move anyway.

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Not quite a 2018 resolution but THIS year was a bit of a doozy. Mom died. Soon after got a chance to move with my fiance (been trying to find place for 4 yrs). Moved in March. followed by 6 mths of travelling back & forth doing home dialysis training - for my partner.

THEN find out mom has left legacy. So say whattheheck and buy new off road wheelchair. Tres expensive but so so worth it!!

So for 2018: use it more. Explore woods and nature reserve. Buy partner electric bike so he can keep up with me.

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which off roader did you get?

my resolution is to be less grumpy… good luck with that


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As Scudger correctly states, if you meet the criteria a stairlift will be installed for free.

I think though, correct me if I’m wrong, it is only maintained for the first 3 years, after that you need to maintain it.

Basically after this initial period the stairlift is yours to keep, you can do what you want with it.

I think it’s available through a programme called Care & Repair ?

I would imagine any local council would have more info on such schemes, you don’t have to be a council tenant, just meet their criteria in regards to disability/mobility ect.

My sister had a garage converted into a downstairs bedroom and wet room due to her MS, she isn’t a council tenant and ones her own home, well mortgaged.

I think there is a clause that if you sell your home within a certain period you pay the grant back, but after this period there is no penalty.

It’s worth looking into what you will be entitled to.

We’ve all paid our taxes and national insurance, and didn’t bring this sh*tty condition on ourselves !!

Less grumpy?? Mine is to be more grumpy and a bit less positive.


hiya i quite like my new label-annoyingly positive! (said by 2 unconnected folk recently!) i will continue to greet each day as it comes and deal with it then. my only real plan is to get a portable powerchair! ellie


it sounds like an energy saving plan. Have a brilliant if grumpy 2018

All the best Mick

New Year Resolutions… Continue to ask questions and refuse being fobbed off.

Chase up (pun, obviously) to have S.P.Catheter fitted within the year.

Continue pinching others positivity (Ssssue, you CAN’T get rid of yours, it thrives & spreads. I’ve still got some from your first post.

Try reading the next paragraph without stopping for breath until the first comma, it’s a bit of a rant!

Might not fully stop my powerchair when shopping to avoid a stressed out mum who is not looking where she’s going and blindly crosses my path whilst dragging & screaming at their toddler children inside Debenhams on Christmas Eve (yep, it did happen). She didn’t thank me for stopping or apologised for forcing me to swerve into racks of nighties. Oh no she just carried on dragging & screaming. Don’t know why she didn’t get the irony when I emerged backwards from nighties in my powerchair and & said Merry Christmas. Rant over

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL, wish you health, happiness & many laughs throughout 2018 xxxx

Well after reading your brilliant film analogy to Ian, I have to bow to your superior view Chrissie. I will try and keep hold of a scrap of positivity.

I truly hope you get your SPC soon. And I hope it does everything to aid your life in the way you expect it to.

Continuing to question is an excellent resolution.

Running over numpties who just don’t see wheelchairs is another good resolution. Probably best to avoid the kids, but in my view, parents are fair game.


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Just managed to polish a box of After Eights - it’s 11.59 - resolution - no ore chocs!

in my haste left out the word ‘off’ after ‘polish’ - and an ‘m’ before ‘ore’ Happy New Year everyone

I want to somehow find a way of helping our local homeless persons organisation. It’s called the homeless street hub and runs using a Facebook page. It’s massively helpful to local homeless people and so far I’ve wished I could help but not come up with any ideas except we gave them some warm jackets a few weeks ago.

How does a wheelchair person get out and help the homeless - ill think on it.


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I love those chocs, too… If my Sainsburys online grocery order doesn’t reach the required £40 amount, then I’ll add on additional boxes, especially if they are on sale. Then store them in my fridge… Yum, yum…!!!

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When I thought that I just had a bad leg that might be fixable within orthopaedics, I was thinking of running a ‘Young Old’ group where we could go to our local hospital and help out at lunchtime so that all the elderly patients would get any help they might need with eating… Looks like the tables have turned…!!!

Sounds great… fresh air and exercise… and good company… what else could you need…???

This New Year be, where everything you could ever want work out as expected, so with a cheerful heart, put a begin to this year once again. Wishing you a glad and prosperous New Year 2018.

Brianna Halverson
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My resolution is to improve my mobility and have less reliance on the wheelchair. Here’s hoping…

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