New Year, New life.....

Good morning all,

Well 2011 was pretty awful for me in many ways. Relationship breakdown and people not being what they said they were. I was very happy to see the back of last year and now it’s time for me to try and put my life back together, not only to let people think i’m ok but actually feel ok about things… (after all, we’re all very good at putting that ‘happy’ mask on aren’t we!!!)

So now i’m my own home and living on my own for the first time ever and the tears are getting less. Another first for me is i’ve just joined my local MS Society branch and am looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully new friends who live near me.

Here’s to 2012 folks



Hi Char, I know how bad things were for you last year, as we chatted a lot.

I do hope you can now feel more settled and are ready to move on in your life.

You know you`re worth it!

lotsalluv, Polly xxxxx

Hiya Char

Its always a shock when u discover folk arent what they claimed to be/what you thought they were…but valuable lessons learned eh? (Yes-am telling myself this too!)

Maybe the heading should be-New Day-New life?

Anyway-have sent u a PM.

Keep in touch.

Ellie xxx

Glad to hear things are finally starting to look up and you are back contributing to the site again. This place is only as good as its members you know.

HI, you seem to. Be doing well now. Enjoy your new home! Cheryl:)

Yep, it’s time to try and get my life back together and find some happiness



Thanks Hun,

So lovely to be talking to some of the old gang again :slight_smile:

Hope you’re well



You’re absolutely right, so good to be chatting again



Thank you Cheryl. Hope all is well



Wishing you the very best of luck and every success with your fresh start: new friends, new relationships, new love and laughter and, you never know, maybe a wee bit of better health in there too

Karen x