2011 what a year

Hello fellow sufferers… its been quite a year for me 2011… what with collapsing in May just after my daughter’s bday to being diagnosed with MS in June, I’ve been suffering for the last 2 yrs, horrendous pain going down one side of my body, legs with pins and needless, spasms around my waist, to name a few, numbness in lower region, this has not been helped by me going back and fore to the drs and not getting anywhere, this eventually led to me ending up in Casualty after collapsing. I can honestly say its been a hard year, my mood swings are dreadful, not sure how my marriage is still intact. I am back in work now and trying to stay POSITIVE but sometimes like a wave it just comes over me and I get really emotional about the future. My aunty had MS and ended up in a wheelchair but had a good life, she did have the progressive strain, but I am unsure of my MS. This is my first post on the wall and would love to connect with others for some support. Happy days… G


Welcome to the site. Don’t go beating yourself up about being moody; I swear that I am terrible, keep having to apologise to my OH - but when I do he looks at me ‘gone out’ and asks what I’m on about!

It sounds like you’ve had a rough couple of years, not surprising you come over emotional at times. I know I can howl for ages if something sets me off! It is good to try and be positive, but you are allowed to be down too!



Hello G, and welcome to the site

Completely agree with Clare - don’t beat yourself up about being moody - it takes a while to come to terms with everything, and sometimes even a long time after we think we’ve mastered it, we get hit with the injustice of it all and feel like rubbish again for a little while :frowning:

Have you thought about getting some counselling? It really helped me, and I know it’s helped a lot of other people too. It’s such a relief to be able to offload on someone who you can’t hurt or worry! If you think it would help, your GP can refer you and there are MS counsellors at some of the MS Therapy Centres.

Anyway, welcome aboard!

Karen x