New with partner

Hi, My partners MRI came back with lesions on the spine and the lumbar puncture was done but no results as of yet. I think they are giving diagnosis of ms as has already been referred to ma nurse. We had a date for for september to go back However, after lumbar puncture the consultant has written to us and brought the date forward for three weeks time. The letter from the consultant just said I have looked at your results and would like you to come in and discuss them with you in person. The appointment letter said ’ due to unforeseen circumstances we Have brought the date of your appointment forward. I’m really panicking now and thinking the worst

Please don’t panic. I bet whoever typed the letter simply used the wrong template and the one you got is actually the standard letter that is (normally!) used to say that they have postponed someone’s appointment.

It is quite normal for a neuro to bring someone’s appointment forward if they have got new information (e.g. the LP results, MRI showing new lesions, etc) and/or they are in a position to give the patient a diagnosis. It sounds like you’ve been expecting it anyway? Hopefully this appointment will give you both some closure on what’s been going on and give you the opportunity to ask questions and sort out meds.

I hope it goes well.

Karen x

Thanks Karen, actually made me feel a lot better

I agree with Karen sounds like they used the wrong template to send your change of appt letter cos I had one with the exact wording once to put mine back as the consultant was off sick