Appointment following Lumbar Puncture

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone could give me advice following my lumbar puncture?

I had a lumbar puncture a few weeks ago and today I received an appointment letter to go see my neurologist in May. I have problems with my discs but because I also have clonus in my left ankle my neurologist wanted more tests done to work out what was causing it.

I’ve had various other tests done - MRIs of brain and spine and a visually evoked potentials test. Following these my neurologist’s secretary wrote to my GP and copied the letter to me saying that the MRIs didn’t show anything new and the VEP was clear. I’m now worried that because I’ve been sent an appointment letter instead of a letter to my GP that this means something has shown up on my LP test. Does anyone know if this is normal or if it had been clear would I have just received a generic letter like before? I would appreciate any responses as May seems like such a long time away wondering if this is normal.



hi jem

see your gp and ask if he or she has any idea.

to be honest, i have heard that lumbar puncture is not necessary for diagnosis.

try not to stress out and wait for your appointment.

carole x

Hi Jem

As Carole said, a positive LP isn’t required for a diagnosis of MS. And it sounds like your MRI and VEP weren’t going to provide evidence of MS on their own.

It sounds to me that the neurologist has called you in for a non-urgent appointment to discuss the results from all three tests.

Regardless of whether the LP showed O bands in the CSF, you probably don’t have the evidence to diagnose MS. So the appointment would be to see what has happened over the months since you saw the neurologist last, whether there have been any new symptoms, and to discuss where you go from here.

If you saw the neurologist this week, I doubt s/he would be able to do anything except to suggest a ‘watch and wait’ course of action.

This is of course my opinion, based solely on what you’ve said about your MRI and VEP results. By no means am I an expert.

If you are very worried, or have new symptoms you’d like the neurologists opinion on now, try phoning his/her secretary and ask if the appointment can be brought forward.

Best of luck.