New treatment

I’m starting tecfidera in the next few weeks can anybody advise me on what things to eat while on this medication. I’ve been told high protein and fat is good. The only problems is I can’t eat things with yeast dairy and I don’t eat eggs or Fish. I’m a very picky eater due to my bowel issues and ibs Thanks

Someone suggested peanut butter on toast before taking the tablet. I’m only on day 2 but it appears to work - actually I just have a spoonful of peanut butter before taking the tablet. I bought a jar of smooth peanut butter as, i) it would be easier to swallow ii) only me and my eldest son like smooth - the others prefer crunchy NEWSFLASH! - just found a jar of *Marmite Peanut butter in Tesco - lovely! *other yeast extract/peanut butter combos are available - probably?

I found avocados and olives are good also porridge.

I have also recently discovered marmite and peanut butter. I didn’t buy a ready mixed jar, just spread marmite on toast and covered that with smooth peanut butter (the jars are made with crunchy!). Amazingly, a friend of mine who hates marmite found that it actually improves the peanut butter!


You can eat and drink what you want, been on it for 4 years anniversary in November, 5 years. You name it I eat and drink before during and after just enjoy it and do not worry. Curries, pizza, big macs, fruit, salad, lager, beer but I do not drink shorts or shooters. Just enjoy it and goodbye to relapses. Happy Bertie