Tecfidera and food

Hi, I started taking Tec today! So far ok apart from flushing. I was looking for tips on food that helps. I have bread, peanut butter, banana and avocado so far! I am following another Tec thread but it’s pretty old so not sure if people seeing it? Anyway, thanks in advance for ideas.


Ive been on tec for almost six months now. Although initially I did take a larger breakfast with my morning dose, now I don’t

take any particular food or medication with it and have only the very, very occasional flushing which lasts up to an hour

but doesn’t interfere with life. Good luck with it!

hi JP

i had to be very careful with making sure i had enough to eat at first.

however after a few months it doesn’t seem to matter any more.

occasionally i swill down my evening tec with gin!

carole x

Started Tec about three weeks ago - the higher dose a fortnight ago. So far it hasn’t been too bad but have taken it with meals and tried to do it at the same times each day. I haven’t had anything unusual to eat - just reasonably sized evening meals and a decent breakfast, even if I would rather have eaten less.