New treatment for Progressive MS - and Optic Neuritis

l have been following the Biotin treatment for Progressive MS now for 6 weeks. And l have already found l am benefiting from it. So thrilled - at last - something that helps - with no side-effects. Many people on it have noticed a big difference in their cold/purple feet and legs coming to life. And many have had so much extra energy. lt does help with blood circulation.

The trial had some excellent results for people suffering ON.

l have complained about one side-effect which is - it has turned me into a skivvy. l have been doing so much more cleaning. On the facebook group Biotin for Progressive MS - other ladies have expressed the same result. But the Americans do not know what a skivvy is. And l have not noticed any of the men say they are doing more scrubbing and cleaning!!! --------- But l have heard some of them say that the increased blood supply/flow has had results in other parts of their bodies. lf that’s the case then the price of Biotin will also rise.


I have found I am stronger and can do much more at the gym.

Moyna x

After a month on it: my hair and nails are growing really fast; I have more energy than I had; however my walking is as bad as ever or maybe even a little bit worse than it was a month ago. I had hoped I was one of the one in ten who moves down a notch on the EDSS (in my case, that would be going down from 2 sticks to 1). Might still happen …

While most of us have noticed a difference very quickly - hair and nails - skin - and more energy and strength - the trial actually states that improvements were felt after several months. So we do have more to look forward to.