New to this,

I lost sight in my left eye for 3 months at 35 and 4 years later I was finally diagnosed with MS after many MRIs, CAT scans and 2 lumber punches… I’m current suffering with Pins and needles from my neck to my hands… I’ve hand both hands operated on under the presumption of Carpal tunnel syndrome but still have symptoms which cause me to get 4-5 hours sleep a night… I’m Ill every few months and don’t seem to be getting anywhere with my doctors who change every time I visit the hospital… I feel alone and no one understands or even if I’m wasting their time… any help or advise would be great as I have good times but when I’m low it’s a struggle to get out of bed. My last visit to my neurologist seemed to be just get on with it… but have more tests booked in, any suggestions to help would be appreciated

i totaslly understand THER FUSTRATION IS BEYOND BELIEF i have same symptoms as you getting no where i see spots in my vision my vision is slowly getting bad im lost also lonely keep postive my friend you will get help it jsut takes time i know its so HARDDDD

ALSO MY NEUROLOGIST was like do you smoke or take drugs DEPENDING ON ANSWER YOU WONT GET ANY HELP EVER this is how bad UK has become its hard in uk THERE IS A NEUROLOGIST SHORTAGE

MY new symptoms is also carpal tunnell in the wrists feels like someone is grabbing so tightly i never had carpal problems before i am 37 had symptoms for years since 34 35 . had mris all clear neurologist bad so ASKED FOR SECOND OPINION and still waiting in mean time i booked a private neurologists in desperation never give up my friend and keep doing research there appearrs to be links to sunlight and or clestemine but noone knows for sure not been tested o nhumans

Keep your head up things will get better. It took a good few years for them to help me and get the diagnosis you just need to keep your spirits high and be persistent with them. It’s annoying but it’ll all pay off. I’m currently in Aubagio for my rrms which works a treat so just putting that out there for a recommendation. If you need any help/advice I’m always here!