New to this..poss MS diagnosis


Sorry for the long post but i thought best to start at the begining. In Novemeber my partner had to go to have an mri scan done at our local hospital,due to the fact he had lost total feeling in his right arm and hand (he had previous epsiodes in his legs too) on the 8th dec he had to go and meet with the consultant to discuss the results of the mri. The consultant was very good and went through all my partners previous medical history ( double vision in 1 eye loss of feeling in his knee at 16 etc) the consultant then went on to explain his mri results and said that they showed up white dots?(i think thats what he called them lol) and explained this showed nerve endings uncoliling and then used a very good example of a chocolate bar lossing its wrapping…he then deleivered us with the news that it looks like MS due to the mri results and periovs medical history,he also explained that my partner would be feeling tired all the time and i said he has been like that for the last year and a half just easily falling asleep etc. We are now waiting for another full spinal mri which is on the 25th Jan, then a lumberpunctare and something to do with the optic nerves or something behind your eyes. I was wondering how long it takes for an offical diagnosis etc.??

My partners local GP also signed him off work for 1 month and did not want him to go back this week (as my partners job is manual handling and because of his hand) but my partner has gone back and his work are being very helpful and understanding.

I am just very worried about my partner at the present moment he seems to be in denial and even accused the consultant of lying /9down to schock i know) but the consultant told him that he is very sorry but due to the 1st mri scan it almost defintley looks like MS. My partner is also very snappy and I think he is slightly deppresed, he keeps saying I am going to leave him I wont love him anymore and I do I love him more than anything we have been together for 10years since i was 15 and we have 3 children together and due to get married in August this year, I just wish we could get an official diagnosis sooner so we know whats what etc.

Also when someone gets officlally diagnosed with MS does anything have to change ie with work and housing (as we are local housing assocation)

Sorry again for the long post but I didnt know who else to ask.

Hope some one can answer my questions


Oh 1 more thing is MS herdiatry? Will our 3 children need to be tested for it? thanks

Hello, and welcome to the site

So sorry that you are having to deal with all of this - it is a horrible thing to go through and having your partner shut himself off from it must make it even trickier

First of all, let me reassure you that MS is not hereditary. However, there is a genetic component to MS so having a parent with MS makes it slightly more likely for someone to develop MS, but it is still far more likely for them to not get MS. One of the things that you can do to lower the risk for your kids is to get them on vitamin D3 supplements (have a look at the vitamind3uk and vitamindcouncil websites).

It does sound very likely that your partner has MS. The pattern of symptoms plus the MRI findings are highly typical - I guess the other tests are to be thorough. Lumbar punctures can take quite a while to get the results from (anything from a couple of weeks to a couple of months), but the visual / optic nerve test (which I assume is VEPs; visual evoked potentials) should be quicker. The MRI scan is actually available to look at straightaway, but there will be a wait for the radiologist’s report of maybe a week or two, unless the neuro looks himself beforehand.

Everyone handles this kind of shock differently, but thing that are very common are denial, anger and depression. People liken hearing this news as suffering a bereavement; losing someone close to you, which you really have done - who you thought you were, who you thought you would become. It is scary. Actually, it is terrifying, especially as most people have no knowledge of MS apart from the incredibly biased and often completely wrong portrayals of MS on TV. Learning more about MS, getting help with symptoms, learning to deal with symptoms yourself, etc, all help in overcoming this. Counselling can be an amazingly helpful tool too. If that’s not possible, then talking generally - sharing problems, fears, etc; knowing that someone will listen and understand without judging and freaking out.

It could be that your partner is depressed. MS causes depression in two main ways: through having to deal with the symptoms and their effects and through the MS actually making changes in the brain that can lead to depression. Both of these can respond to anti-depressants and counselling / therapy so please ask for help if you think it would help. (Ask for help with other symptoms too - there are meds for most things these days!)

I have to go out now, but there’s a lot more I could add. I’m sure some others will be along soon with words of wisdom, but for now, let me just add one more bit of reassurance: MS is NOT the end of the world. There are far worse things to be diagnosed with and, for the vast majority of MSers, it is still perfectly possible to live long, happy and fulfilled lives. Promise.

Your partner is very lucky to have you.

Karen x

welcome to this site.

you’re in the right place for lots of support and help. you’ve got a lot to deal with right now and the only thing i can offer in terms of advice is whatever its called it is what it is and your partner has already had it for a number of years, the only difference is that now it may have a name.

i think a lot of people think of ms and automatically think of wheelchairs, i know i did, we are so poorly educated about it that its very frightening but you already know what its like and how to deal with it because you have dealt with it and you came out the other end!

there is a set criteria to diagnosis to which is, i think the “mc donald criteria” so you could google the info on that or its quite likely that someone who has a better knowledge of it may explain it to you.

i think you may have to inform dvla and insurance company but i think thats all.

a lot of people already have an inkling that a diagnosis is coming but your partner obviously didnt and people have said that its like a bereavement of the person that you were and how you’re going to be if that makes sense. its still a loss even if you do know its coming.

i dont think i can add anything but just wanted to offer you some support.

love and best wishes

mandy xx

to you both thank-you very much for your kind words and support,it means alot and it is good to know i have some where to turn,thanks again and i will pop on reguarly to let u no how things are going. adelle xx