New to site and wondering if its ms

Hi I’m new to this site. I’m wondering if I possibly got ms. I’m being treated for fibromyalgia, but I’m wondering have I been misdiagnosed. I get numbness Pins and needles very sharp especially hands legs and arms I get the feeling of goosebumps A shudder in the head Not all the time but I do get the shakes Extreme tiredness Forgetfulness easily muddled Balance problems Oh and pain Clumsy My paternal gran has ms. I don’t want to go to gp and they say oh it’s stress or this and that. Or your over worrying or it’s just the fibro. I’m waffling Sorry

Hi Goldenlight and welcome… (love your user name!)

I think you should make a list of your main symptoms… as you have above… not too much detail as GP will think it’s health anxiety… and see GP.

Don’t say you’ve been looking up symptoms on web… or that you’ve been on this site… they don’t like that! Just say you are concerned.

If the GP dismisses it as stress or fibro, say that you gran has MS and you are worried.

Having someone in the family with MS does give you a slight… very slight… higher chance of having it. Although it does not mean that IF you have MS it will be like your gran’s. MS is different for all of us even in the same family.

The first step, as I’m sure you know, to seeing if it’s MS or not, is seeing the GP.

There are of course hundreds of conditions which can cause similar symptoms… but I would think a referal to a neurologist and an MRI of your brain might be a good idea. IF nothing else, a clear MRI would put your mind at rest.

I hope the GP is not dismissive, but if so, come back on here for further advice.

Best of luck,

Pat xx

Hi, welcome to the forum!

As Pat has said, see your GP and say you feel your symptoms might be something other than fibro. He/she will probably ask what makes you think that.

It is best not to say you have been googling MS. But mentioning your nan, would be a wise thing to do.

Good luck


Thanks for advice. Oh totally agree on the not telling about the site and googling it. I’m glad you like my name pat. I’ll make an appointment and go from there.